NYE 2015

12/31/2015 07:19:00 AM

I just did post this on my NEW photography page but, it rings true for everything! 

If you think about it this really is true. A new year brings 365 new days of chances, adventure and opportunities. 

I hope all of my family and friends make the most of this new year! 
Happy 2016 everyone! 

(I post thy now because I'll forget to post later tonight)! 

Ethan Jolly

It's about time I wrote you...

12/31/2015 04:52:00 AM

I'll start off with this. 

Since I know you and your entire family frequent my blog I figured this was a good place to write this. This is meant in good fun, if it hurts your feelings I'm sorry. 

Dear him and everyone else, 

To him...
I know we have said a lot of mean things back and forth directed at each other, truths have not been told and children have suffered. However, in the end I can't find it in myself to hate you.. You still won't tell the truth about what happened and I'm ok with that, if I have to bare the burden and be the bad person I will... God knows the truth and for me to continue to harp on it only poisons my mind he will get my wrong doers in the end. Truth is God gave us two miracles and you had no right to take them from me, I never hurt them and you know that... I couldn't. You took them to hurt me and I hope one day you are able to overcome your need to hurt others, I pray for you everyday. I would like to say that you have no idea what you've taken but you do, you know what you're doing and you know how bad you're hurting not only me but our amazing children... No one deserves what has taken place, NO ONE. I pray everyday that you will come around and realize letting our kids have a mother and a father that love them is the ultimate greatness and that you will let that happen. 

To his wife... 
As jealous of you as you think I am... I am not. I'm actually quite happy for you that you found someone that was able to place stability in your life and your child's, I know that was something you desperately needed at that time in your life. In the end your relationship is extremely different than mine so you should be very thankful for that... No one needs to love like we did, ever. I know that you think I'm totally obsessed with you and can't wait to lash out but that too is extremely so far fetched. In the grand scheme of things you and I should be able to get along for the sake of MY children but sadly I don't feel that you at this time are capable of doing that. It's like you hold hate in your heart and that astounds me... I didn't do anything to YOU. At all. You slept with my then husband, you came into my home, you went around my children... I did none of those things to you. I had respect for you as a woman and strangely, I still do... I actually have respect for any other human. I have every reason to hate you but I don't. I am thankful you came into his life at the time you did, I could very well be dead by now.
I have a family now that means more to me than anything, we are loyal to each other, no knives are thrown and there is absolute 100% trust... I never had that at all so you don't know how good it feels and that's all because of you and your choices that I ended up where I am. So thank you. Thank you thank you thank you! 
My hope for you and I is that one day you can set down your torch and guide your husband into co parenting. 
Children don't stay children forever. 

And to his mom, 
I will never forget what you've done but I will forgive you. You know what you did to me and there is no reason to draw it out or hold grudges. Again, if it wasn't for YOUR actions I wouldn't have ended up where I am now I am so glad that you allowed another woman around mine and your sons children while I was away, you were such an amazing person to me and I am so glad that when I trusted you with my children you were able to do the right thing!
I love my life and you in part are the reason I have it. I hope you too one day can find it in your heart to do right by my babies and do the right thing, I don't fault you if you don't though... I know how hard being a grandmother and wanting to do the right thing but also wanting to back what your children's wishes are. I do know that I would never alienate my grandchild from his parents though, I couldn't imagine doing that... I don't know where you find the strength. I applaud you. 

To his sisters, 

 "The crafty one"
I see Karma found you well, I think she might be an even bigger bitch than you pretended to be. I hope that you find success in your t-shirts and key chains though... Seems to be lucrative. 

"The meth head" 
No really, I totes know you were smoking tobacco out of the lightbulb... I'm just kidding. Your daughter is beautiful, please raise her better than you were... It broke my heart to see you do the things you did and act the way you did. I know it's not your fault and I am so glad to see you're actually functioning in society. 

And to the dad...
I used to think you were cool, you saw your son abuse me first hand but then like all the others you lied to protect him. I pray that you are raising my son to be a better man than yours turned out to be. 

So please, all of you love on my babies and remind them how much they are loved. There should never be a day that goes by where they aren't told exactly how much they are loved. Hug them tight and remember that if it wasn't for me, the person you took them away from you wouldn't have them. Remember if it wasn't for me, the person that carried them for 9 months, protected them and mothered them when no one else wanted to they wouldn't be here. So make sure you tell them they are loved. 

That is all. I am starting 2016 with a clear mind and a free heart. I know I've done everything right, I know I have made efforts and I know in the end my time with my babies will be amazing when we are able to love freely and without chains. 

I pray for all of you each day. We are never promised tomorrow and I could never imagine thinking it was ok to play God... 

I hope all of you enter 2016 with happiness and love in your hearts. 


Ok so... I changed.

12/30/2015 03:34:00 AM

Nothing really, I moved my blogs from one google account to another. I'm deleting accounts and condensing things and honestly good to rid yourself of the past! Nothing bad at all just so many different email accounts through the years and all spread out, not they are all on one account and easily accessible! Woohoo! 

Speaking of change... Looky here!

This happened this past month! 
Back in 2014 when I decided to take a break from new clients I also decided on a name change. I made my new page then deactivated both of my Facebook pages until about a week before Thanksgiving of this year! I brought both pages back up, merged my old to my new and viola... I am now Jama Wynn Photography! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVED the name Remember Wynn but it was hard to identify myself as being the owner... So many different people use that name and no one was able to find just me. Given the nature of my highly unusual first name I figured I'd go with that! I love it, I'm happy and I hope to grow even moreso after this "rebrand!" This new year is going to be an exciting one for sure, I can't wait to get back into it!  
Of course, my rebrand couldn't go down without a "copycat" but I won't mention names... I'll just sit back and laugh at the obsession. 

It's the day before the day before the last day of the year... Did I confuse you? I might have even confused myself with that one! 

Looking forward to a new year and definitely a new me! So many exciting things I haven't even touched on are happening in my life! 

Bye y'all!


The day before the day before Christmas...

12/23/2015 03:50:00 AM

So, it's the day before Christmas Eve and I think I am completely done shopping, I'm probably not but one can hope! 

The other day I got my hair cut, it's a little shorter than I had intiaitlly wanted but I'm really liking it! I just need to redye it to touch up my horrible looking roots! 

Yeah, you see that right. The Kia, smashed up and looking sad. A deer was hit on a country back road and I'm actually impressed with this tiny little car, it took one hell of a hit and kept on rolling. If you can believe this that head light STILL lights up! A new car is coming in January so we are now definitely looking towards another Lia... Quite impressed with how this car held up! Sad thought that it's banged up. 

I have two new obsessions lately... Easy fudge and MukLuks. 

I know, two totally unrelated things but still totally obsessed. 
That fudge up there is milk chocolate fudge and cranberry white chocolate fudge... OH. MY. YUM! I'll post the recipe later when I feel like it. 
MukLuks you ask? OMG, I'm addicted to them and can not stop buying them in every form they make them in, check them out... You'll love them too! 

I can't wait until Christmas day, I want to go back to my mamas so bad I can't stand it! 48 more hours and I will be at my mamas house! Wooohoooo

Anyways, I leave you with this... It is so me. And Thing 1. 

My Love Of Trader Joes

Just UGH already...

12/09/2015 07:38:00 AM

I am still sick from when I was sick back in October. Just ugh. 

My ear infection has moved from one ear to another with so sign of letting up. I'm not sleeping right, definately not eating right and I just feel gross. 
Night sweats? Yeah, that's my new thing and I absolutely hate them! I'm literally drenching my entire bed as I sleep and the fan is doing absolutely nothing to help. It's funny actually, my pink hair is turning everything my sweaty sleeping head comes into contact with pink. 
Like I said I haven't been able to eat much so I've pretty much been living on these things:

I'm going to cry when the Christmas season is over and this flavor is gone gone gone until next year. Most people cry over lost pumpkin but not me, I'm going to be missing the Trader Joes cranberry items! I'm thinking of stock piling but that just entices me to eat them all, they are like Girl Scout cookies... I can't stop. 

Speaking of TJ's... How cute is this advent calendar I picked up last month for the kids?! 

And one more bit of randomness... The other day I went to Gwinnett and look what I saw... 


Oh Christmas Tree...

12/06/2015 01:40:00 AM

Last year after Christmas I tossed out both of our trees that we had. I did this because I knew I was moving and they were on their last leg... Like literally one was missing a leg and I had to use a fork to hold it up. Anyways, this year I went back and forth with the idea of a Christmas tree because we won't actually BE HERE on Christmas. I took the kids to Walmart and I allowed them to pick everything for our tree, they did good!

That's the tree during the day time with the lights on. This year we went with LED lights and I'm glad we did, they are super bright and light up my huge living room!

You see that? Bright bright bright lights! Oh, I also love the choic EIN stockings! So non traditional but still so cute! 

Last but not least a cute photo that shows the tinsel garland the kids picked up close, again... I think the kids did good! I'm proud of it! 

One more for the fact that I love it!

Edit to add: we don't use tinsel because we have cats that come inside and tinsel can kill them! :-)


Happy Birthday Ethan.

12/06/2015 12:57:00 AM

You are now a teenager!!! 
I hope that your birthday brought you everything you hoped and wished for. I saw that you played a Magic tournament today, I hope you did good and had fun sweet boy! 

Half of your childhood was stolen from us. One day it won't be like this, I promise you that... They can only have control for so long before it will all crumble. 

Happy Birthday Ethan Scott Jolly, I love you and miss you so much baby! 

Your ONLY mama. 💗

I am not sure why this didn't post earlier!? It showed as pending so hopefully it will post now! 


Easy Pumpkin Cheesecake

11/28/2015 02:44:00 PM

I have no spiffy professional photos and I have no catchy phrase... Just a pic of my finished cheesecake and the recipe. 

I will tell you I had quite a few fails before I perfected this and if you don't follow the recipe EXACTLY you'll end up with this...

Yeah, not so pretty. The cream cheese curdled and it was just all nasty. 

But behold, I tried again and I got THIS BIT PF PERFECTION! 

The recipe is easy and like I said you have to follow it EXACTLY! Oh, I use a sugar cookie crust also because we don't like graham cracker round these parts. 

Preheat oven to 350

Press sugar cookie dough into bottom of greased springform pan and back at 250 for 10 mins. Set aside to cool. 

-3 8oz packages of cream cheese softened to room temperature 
-3 Large eggs at room temperature 
-1.5 cups tabulated sugar 
-2 tablespoons all purpose flour 
-1 tablespoon pumpkin pie spice 
-1 can pure pumpkin 

- Cream together the cream cheese with sugar, flour and pumpkin pie spice until smooth and no lumps
-Add eggs 1 by 1 beating between each egg until smooth 
-Add 1 can pure pumpkin to mixture and beat until smooth

Pour over cookie crust already made and cook at 350 for 75-90 mins depending on oven. 


Still sick.

11/22/2015 05:20:00 PM

My life stinks right about now, I am still sick from whatever bug I caught back on Halloween. So far it's been hell and it's taken all of my hearing in my right ear and it's working in my left. I just want to feel better, I just want my ear to quit hurting... I'm so over being sick! 

I dyed my hair again though, it's been every color in the book these past few months but I think I've found one I'm going to stick with... Magenta, it's kind of like mermaid with a but if purple. 

I'm happy with it, now for it just to grow a little longer and I'll be happy. 

Anyways, not much to update because I haven't really done anything productive since I got sick. 

Oh, I did try to make homemade cornbread like my mother in law does (by eye) and failed horrible. lol 
She did make me some dressing tho for a trial run last night, I added it to some home made cranberry sauce I made and it was yummy... I'd eat it everyday of the year if I could. 

I'm just over here counting down the days until I get to go to my mamas house and spend Thanksgiving with her for the first time ever. 


So that's why I'm sick

11/14/2015 04:58:00 PM

This is a cut and paste from my Facebook...

For everyone asking. 

I have Haemophilus influenza. It's the bacterial infection that causes pneumonia and meningitis. 
It's bacterial and not viral so that explains why no one around me got sick. I don't know how I got it, or where I picked it up from. 
This is what caused my ear drum to rupture in turn taking my hearing. I still can't hear out of my right ear and it may be a while before I can... If it comes back at all. I'm hopeful it will. 
I'm on more medications than they store at your local pharmacy so I'm feeling a little better. 
I'd like to add that I am OK. My initial cultures came back fine and just indicated the bacteria and pneumonia. I haven't had a fever at all today (for 24 hours now) and with the help of medicine the coughing as stopped which has in turn given my stomach a break. 

Some of you may remember last month when I woke up to a swollen shut throat and my doctor said it was a MILD case of "epiglottitis." Well apparently that is where it started and my doctor didn't think to test me for this. It took this doctor a minute to figure everything out. I told him what all I had going on he didn't think much until I told him "I have pink eye too" and it was like someone turned the lightbulb on and he knew exactly what to look for. 

Thank you for the kind thoughts.

So, it all makes sense now. This is why I have been sick for damn near 3 straight weeks and it's not getting any better at all. Ugh. I hate being sick!


Sick again.

11/08/2015 05:15:00 PM

I am so incredibly sick it isn't even funny. 

I just got out of the shower where I literally stood and cried my eyes out because I'm in so much pain! 

Earlier last week when we got home from my moms I had some pretty serious flu like symptoms. I went and got some EmergenC and I started to seemingly feel better... Until today. It literally has hit me like a ton of bricks and I am in so much pain from my back all the way down to my toes! I have a pretty serious fever, a cough to go along with it and a banging headache that won't quit. I've decided if I'm not feeling any better after this medicine circulates through me I am going to the doctor. I. Am. Miserable! 

Last night I was playing around with and app called Acapella and notices how sick I really do look. Everyone is trying to calm my nerves by telling me it's not bad.... Please. Lol 

That's bad. I appreciate all of the warm fuzzy thoughts though!
Hats no makeup, no skin products no nothing but what my mamas gave me. Oh and some acne that my medicine gave me! 😡

That's about it! 

Oh yeah, one more thing! 
Shoutout to my baby daddy who turned 37 today! Are we really this old?!

Ethan Jolly


11/08/2015 05:00:00 PM

My son won a Magic tournament! Go ETHAN!!! I am so proud of you! 

Love, mom. 

Yes, you probably notice two "tags" on this photo... If you would like to read my personal blog to Ethan and his sister Kaitlyn you may do so by clicking here

Ethan, Kaitlyn and I are victims of
Parental alienation. 


My brother, the marine!

11/06/2015 06:52:00 PM

My brother has been going through the ringer in boot camp! He's been on that dang island for what seems like FOREVER! After a bad shoulder injury, a few months in the MRP he has finally tested out of PCP and was picked up by another company to complete training! Now we just wait for January to see him graduate! 

Every now and then we can catch photos of him via the company page on Favebook so it's nice to get a glimpse of him!
I am beyond proud of my little brother!!! 


Has it really been 9 years?

11/06/2015 12:55:00 AM

Seems I've been neglecting you... 

Anyways, we had a major life shift this past month and I can honestly say it was for the better... Life has gone to a somewhat slower pace and the house isn't always in uproar, my heart is broken but it is for the best in the end. That's all, no more to be spoken so just know that we are all good! 

My brother who is currently in boot camp has finally gone back to training! He tested his way out of the PCP this last week and was picked up by a new company! I can not even begin to tell you my level of excitement! I can't wait to see him graduate and make a life being a United States Marine! 

The twins just did turn 9 two days ago! It's hard to believe they are on their last year if single digits... My Twinkies are growing up fast I tell you!
This photo was taken on Halloween so not too far off from her birthday! He was Harry Potter and she was Gamora from Guardians of The Galaxy! 
We spent Halloween up at memaws for the first time ever and we all thoroughly enjoyed it! 

That's about it, just wanted to throw a quick update. Everyone is doing amazing here! 


Haven't been here in a while!

10/18/2015 06:03:00 PM

Hello there, it's been a while. 

Since here last I've been on a hair dying rampage. 
I had finally gotten my hair to a darker magneta color (using Loreal Highcolor) and the result was this:
That wasn't light enough for me so over the break I bleached it out and redyed it a pinker magenta for which now looks like this:
(Excuse the horrible acne on my face, it's been attacking me since I've been sick again.)
I love my hair now! Couldn't be happier! It will probably be a new color next month but, that's the fun in it!
And on the topic of hair I also did my sister in laws hair! 

We made our mostly monthly trip up to my moms where Sarah both learned how to shoot a gun
And ride a motorcycle 
Both of which her uncle taught her. I'm so glad she's experiencing things like this and enjoying them! I love my girl! 

Speaking of my girl, my middle girl turned TEN this month. As most of you know her "father" and his family alienate me from them so once again this year we were robbed of being able to celebrate her birthday. I do however have this very fuzzy photo of her on her birthday! 
She's so big and beautiful! Won't be long now my sweet Katy baby! 

Let's not forget the boys though, they had fun blowing stuff up with their paw!!

All in all life is being very good to all of us right now! 

bedroom redo

Random, I know... But.

9/03/2015 01:03:00 AM

I neglect my blog, I know.

Today I got stung by a wasp, I didn't have to use an EPI pen but I came damn near close! 
Although I'm not happy to have been stung by a wasp I am happy it gave us some motivation to do something we needed to do... We removed the bush they live in and with doing that made the front porch (well side porch) look more symmetrical. I'll post photos after I clean my porch off, it's bad right now. 

Anyways, it's been a week or two since I blogged last and nothing much has changed. I did move some furniture around in my living room and I love it now, I have like a dedicated "entry table" (see my last post) and I have gotten so many compliments on it since. I am about to buy some chalk paint and refit that table so I'll be sure to post photos when I do. 

Life has gotten back to some kind of normalcy now that the kids are situated in school. The littles will be going on their first field trip and they couldn't be more excited, all of the kids are doing very very well in school this year and I couldn't me more proud! 

I didn't really post much about my bedroom other than I did redo it finally. The other day my friend alerted me to an iron wall hanging that had been posted on one of those garage sale groups so I jumped on that and I love the way it looks! 
Remember, I did have this one:

But now I have one with no points on it (in case it falls) that matches the linens and the general feel of the room better:

I like it. 

I guess that's about it in my life at the moment. 


Moving stuff around

8/25/2015 03:16:00 AM

I seem to move my furniture a lot. I have a lot of it and fitting it all into the living room sometimes seems a chore... However, I really like what I have done this time (please disregard the clothing I have piled in a chair, it's too small and being donated and that's just where I chose to leave it)!

Anyways, here's my living room now:

Yeah, I gave you guys the panorama view too!!! That yellow desk and the sofa table is what I moved. The front door is to the left of the sofa table that's under the mirror and to me that just screams entry table more so than that desk... I also think like many others have told me that it opens up and makes the room appear brighter. 

Here's an up close of the sofa table and mirror:

You'll have to excuse the foggy crud on that mirror, it's really old and I clean it with WATER so it smudges until it dries completely. :-)

We've come along way living room! The top is when we moved in and, the bottom is when I moved it before we got the desk. :-)

My living room is just so big and has so much empty wall space. 


Well here I sit

8/17/2015 05:30:00 AM

Here I sit at the hospital! What is wrong? I don't even know at this point honestly. 

I've been given more test and medicines than I can even count. Just had some kind of reaction to the iodine they injected into me for a scan so now I'm loopy off Benadryl. 

Interesting enough they got an Iv in my left arm which almost never happens.

That's all, this is my current view. Zofran and Morphine take me away. 

At this point I just want to go home and sleep in my own bed. 😕


I wonder

8/11/2015 03:12:00 AM

What five years will get me?

Just kidding. I love my ring. I loved my first and second one too! My ring now actually has the diamond from my second ring and one of the bands. It's so me and I love it!

bedroom redo

Bedroom makeover, dinner and a storm

8/10/2015 11:47:00 PM

So, I went in a completely different direction with my bedroom than planned and I couldn't be more happy! I did a lot of furniture moving today in and out of various rooms and I'm quite pleased with the outcome although, I do have a ton of cleaning to do tomorrow. I guess it's a good way to keep busy? Let's hope so.

So my bedroom started out with this huge king size bed in it that was just too much bed, it's gone now and I could not be happier. It was traded for a smaller queen and at first this was my finished product. 

I was honestly ok with that but I wanted more color, the grey and yellow had just become "blah" to me. I absolutely love Walmarts Better Home and Gardens line of quilts so off I went to Walmart to look at what they had and I found this... This is actually what the finished product is now! 

I love all of the colors and that little elephant pillow... That is actually what sold me on this set. And yes! Do you notice the green curtains? No I didn't buy them, I "made" them! Yes, made them!!!

See? When all else fails just use RIT dye. 

I also had Trey put one of the dressers in a closet I don't use but we had to take it apart to get it in... That almost hurt my heart taking this extremely old piece of beautiful furniture apart but we got it in. 

See it pulled apart? Ack!

I was also able to move this dresser in, broken drawer and all. Thankfully we know someone that can make a new drawer so now I just wait and get peeved each time I look at it like this! 

I also threw this dresser in there complete with a mirror I had laying around that just so happens to match. I like it! 

And the dinner part? My kids are always begging me for stuff with bacon in it or on it so tonight I made a meatloaf wrapped in bacon! It was amazing! 

Last but not least there was a nasty storm that tried to come our way tonight! This was in the car on the way to Walmart...

If you notice it's pretty in the back towards the house and horrendous in the front! 

That's all I got for today yall!


The desk has a home

8/09/2015 10:10:00 PM

I went back and forth with selling this and keeping it, I decided to keep it and moved it to its new home today! 

It now sits in my living room next to the entry way and hallway. In that hallway you can see an antique telephone table that belonged to someone in my husbands family long ago! I'm an antique NUT! 



8/09/2015 07:47:00 PM

Here is an awesome quote. 

I look around at my home, kids and everything we are blessed with and can't help but feel sorry for people who do nothing but talk. 

God has surely blessed us in ways we never imagined! 

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