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5/22/2015 02:42:00 AM

No really, I'm legit NOT going to walk around my house cleaning it up for pics for my blog to show people I don't know what my house looks like! But, I will totally share my already taken photos from my Facebook and Instagram! 
People have been asking me to share photos of my new home, some people I am my Facebook friends with but they read my blogs so this is just an easy way to show everyone! Whatever. 
Anyways, we moved from a stupid cramped house to this home that sits on 80+acres, we love it! 

(I don't have an outside pic, sorry).

Anyways, here goes! 

Ok, I just lied... This is my front (side) yard. 

This is my home made fire pit (and back side of my house). This irks me a bit that it sits at a slant but it's the only safe place we could put it! 

This is my living room, the top is the day after we moved in and how I had it set up but it just didn't "flow" so I changed it to what you see on the bottom! Sure I lost my cutesy fireplace decorating but now the tv is more viewable by all, it flows better and that door is more accessible! 

That shelf you see as the TV stand and then over there in that corner is probably one of my favorite prices of furniture I've gotten in a while! It's been many things but started as a replacement entertainment center... 

And now when all is said and done it's a shelf

Which might I add if you look closely at the left pic you will see some
Damage that I fixed right up with a CRAYOLA CRAYON in the right photo! 
You do what you gotta do when your kids mess your stuff up! 

Moving onward. Some of you may notice the god awful slip cover on my couch and there is a simple explanation for thy... I have kids, and I can't live with this fugliness! 

That's a photo from our previous home but yeah, that couch. Eewwww. We keep it because it's comfy and again, I have kids. I'll get new stuff when they are grown!

Now really moving on... My kitchen, I love it! 

Don't judge my shit on the counters, after all we DO LIVE in our home! My kitchen is a pretty basic country kitchen but I really do love it! I got those rugs dirt ass cheap at Walmart and they are shaping up to be what I'm building my entire kitchen around, I love the print. Through that blue door is a utility room and laundry room, I don't have pics of that so oh well. Maybe one day I'll share! That cabinet you see back there belongs to my beloved mother in law, it's been a part of our family for over 100 years and one day I really do intend to refinish it but not until I know I can do it right. I'm not painting it some weird chalk paint color but instead going to restore it to its true beauty. 
Speaking of restoring and painting shit weird colors, I will in fact be doing that to these two pieces of furniture

My husband got those from his job, people actually gave them away and he scooped them up quick like. I can't wait to refinish them! And speaking of things my husband gets, he got this too

That's just part of a set of furniture that matches that now sits in our daughters room! One day I will refinish it but for now we just use it. Also, you love my shower curtain curtains? I know I do! 

That's it for now, that's all the pics I can find in my albums so that's all you get. Maybe I'll update this more tomorrow after I clean, maybe not!

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