5/16/2015 11:21:00 PM

When I first met my husband things were A LOT different. 
I have a lot of crazy memories from that time with some being bad and some being great so it always warms my heart to find little pieces of good things from back then! 
Anyways, today my mother in law was going through some things that have literally sat in storage for the better half of about 10 years and she came across this...

This thing has got a unique story behind it really and is one of the first memories I have of my mother in law! You see, this is her paddle and she would write the names of the "frequent flyers" at her house and if they were "bad" they got popped with the paddle. So more or less my teeny tiny mother in law was smacking grown children with a little wooden paddle! Lmao
Anyhow, my first memory of her was her telling me "if you hurt my son I'll write your name on this and shove it up yo..." yeah, you get the point! 
The paddle never did go up my rear but I'm sure I deserved it a few times (no, I know I did). It was neat to finally find this and have a piece of so long ago that everyone can laugh about! 
That's all. 
Life sucks for me, yard is half cut and kidneys are raging but that's an entirely different blog. 

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