My kidneys

5/20/2015 09:22:00 AM

Pretty much freaking hate me! 

I was born with kidney reflux and if any of you have followed me or know me then you know here lately (since my 30th birthday) I have had some pretty serious kidneys issues. 
In fact in October of 2013 I had a stroke and even though they were treating me for that they were more concerned with my kidney functions and the fact my "numbers" we're way lower than they should have been. Currently I'm taking Cipro to try and curb a NASTY infection that came out of nowhere... Like I honestly had serious pain and went to the ER thinking it was something else only to find out my kidneys were seriously not ok! I've been on Cipro for almost a week now and guess what? I fee no better! Not only that but I'm having some type of flare up so not only does my kidney feel like it's trying to crawl out of me I can barely walk, sit or stand. Yeah, not fun. 
I see a trip to the ER of my doctor can't squeeze me in soon. I'm supposed to have some type of IVP test done but who knows when they will actually get around to that!! 
Anyways, that's my goings on as of late. 

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