So ready for Summer

5/14/2015 07:08:00 PM

So yeah, here goes... I know I kind of just started talking about random shit in my blog before I really even talked about myself and the honest truth is that I think intro post are stupid. You're a bunch of people online that are only here to be nosy, no one cares what my hobbies are and all that other crap! 
So enjoy my life as I write it, which probably won't be often because I seriously suck at keeping up with things. 

I'm so ready for summer to be here. I'm so ready to take my kids on some mini vacations! I'm so ready to stop waking up at 5 am. I'm so ready to stop risking tickets to get home before 3 pm to make sure I catch the kids bus. I'm just so ready for summer. 
I know I'll be screaming that I'm ready for them to go back here Ina. Few months but right now I'm just over this school year. Don't get my wrong because it's been a good one, I'm just done with this year and ready to move on. 

One of the main things I will be doing this summer is trying to figure out how to decorate my living room... I'm so hung up on curtains it isn't even funny. 

I think I have set my mind on the middle ones though? Maybe! And yes, before anyone ask they are in fact shower curtains. Hey! they are cheaper and what I actually want!
I also really need to paint a few things and fix a few things... Which will probably never happen! 

I've been extremely sick lately too, the most cooking I have done has been in the microwave but last night I did manage to pump out some homemade Chinese food that made my kids jump for joy! 

They ate it, liked it and didn't die so I must be doing something right! 

I'm bored now. 

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