5/16/2015 05:21:00 AM

Ok so, since I decided I'd try to blog more here goes...

Today was somewhat eventful, first I woke up in screaming pain again only to find out my oldest kid missed the bus (yay right, no). I got a new lawnmower and weed whacker thingy... I'm seriously surprised it fit in the back of our dodge.

But it did so it made its way home! Tall, I love on 80 acres with two being fenced in... I can't wait to see the men cut the grass with a push mower, it will do them some good though. 
And yeah, living in the country on a farm isn't all it's cracked up to be... This is not ok and I'm sure in some states it's legal to burn your house down if you find one of these lurking. 

My son found that in the yard, he was so proud while I on the other hand wanted to puke. 

Speaking of things being good for people the medicine the doctors have put me on for this round of whatever is wrong with me have really thrown me for a loop. My main issue is something is breaking out my face, bad... And that generally doesn't happen to me so I'm not very happy. 

Just look at all those bottles just for lil ole me! 

If you're still reading my blog I'm sorry it's boring, I'm sorry there is no juicy drama or things to make your panties wet... I'm just me, laying in my bed at 5:26am bored as shit. 

Until next time... Peace 

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