The sickies

6/03/2015 07:52:00 AM

So, I have spent the better half of this last month as SICK as can be. 

We still don't even know what is wrong with me but we do know I have something pretty insane going on inside of me! 
It started back in the beginning of May when I came home from a weekend trip to TN to see my mom, I was fine until I got home and then I thought I was going to die. My husband took me to the ER were hey swiftly pumped me full of meds and sent me on my way with little to no explanation of what was actually wrong with me. FF almost three weeks and I had a fever this last Friday and after a whirlwind day I ended up back in the ER except this time the doctor actually listened to me. They ran all kinds of test on me to the point I'm pretty sure I would glow from radiation at this point. They were also once again worried I might be having a TIA/Stroke. 
Anyways, my kidney function is pretty off, I have some cyst issues I now have to deal with, my bilirubin is low and I have some huge ole kidney stones... Not to mention an enlarged Kidney!!! 
I have pretty much slept for the last 4 days with only small periods here and there where I am awake (this being one of those). I just want to feel better! 

Here is a shot of my kidney, looks fun doesn't it?

I'll be heading back to my heating pad now!

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