7/23/2015 04:33:00 AM

Yesterday was a world wind of emotions for my son and I! We got to meet my grandson, his baby for the first time! I won't go into why or how it took a year because that is neither here nor there... All that matters now is this little love bug is a part of our lives and we love him so! 

He absolutely is one of the most happiest babies I have ever laid eyes on, there is nothing but smiles and giggles coming from this little man! His mama did a good job because he is so well behaved and such a courteous little booger! At Walmart tonight everything I handed him he told me "tank ew" AKA thank you! 

I am over the moon! 

That is all. If you are on my Facebook I am sure you have seen my display of picture over share... Get used to it because I am one proud Mimi!


In the dumps... Vacation and back to school!

7/11/2015 09:15:00 AM

I have been so down lately and I'm not sure why. Like... Don't get me wrong, I LOVE life I just feel icky. 

I wish my kidneys would give it a fucking rest already, they are constantly in uproar and these stones ain't no joke! I am hoping I can find a doctor to get them gone and with a quickness! 
I've been spending a lot of time at my moms this summer (no not Shrek, my real mom), and it makes my heart happy! Right now I've got my daughter with me and it's the first time she's ever met her "memaw" and she's just in love! She's loving her new family and couldn't be happier! The twins said they weren't coming home from memaws until summer was over and they aren't lying, they've been gone since the start of summer and there is only three weeks left!
I can't believe I am the mom to 3, count them 3 kids in high school! Where has the time gone?!?
Like I said, school starts in 3 weeks and I have mixed feelings... We held the twins back in 2nd grade because the new school they are at has a different way of teaching and they missed so much, I just feel like they will benefit from re-doing that grade... I hope I am right! My oldest one is finally a senior and I couldn't be more proud! It's been a long road with a LOT of bumps for him but he's done it, we still have to get through this year but I have no doubt he will do it and with flying colors!
Just wanted to drop by this blog I never update and say something. I know I wrote the other day about my abortion experience and I really have struggled with leaving that post up. I don't know. It's kind of hard to share but I needed to vent somewhere. 

Maybe I'll write more later, probably not. 

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