7/23/2015 04:33:00 AM

Yesterday was a world wind of emotions for my son and I! We got to meet my grandson, his baby for the first time! I won't go into why or how it took a year because that is neither here nor there... All that matters now is this little love bug is a part of our lives and we love him so! 

He absolutely is one of the most happiest babies I have ever laid eyes on, there is nothing but smiles and giggles coming from this little man! His mama did a good job because he is so well behaved and such a courteous little booger! At Walmart tonight everything I handed him he told me "tank ew" AKA thank you! 

I am over the moon! 

That is all. If you are on my Facebook I am sure you have seen my display of picture over share... Get used to it because I am one proud Mimi!

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