Moving stuff around

8/25/2015 03:16:00 AM

I seem to move my furniture a lot. I have a lot of it and fitting it all into the living room sometimes seems a chore... However, I really like what I have done this time (please disregard the clothing I have piled in a chair, it's too small and being donated and that's just where I chose to leave it)!

Anyways, here's my living room now:

Yeah, I gave you guys the panorama view too!!! That yellow desk and the sofa table is what I moved. The front door is to the left of the sofa table that's under the mirror and to me that just screams entry table more so than that desk... I also think like many others have told me that it opens up and makes the room appear brighter. 

Here's an up close of the sofa table and mirror:

You'll have to excuse the foggy crud on that mirror, it's really old and I clean it with WATER so it smudges until it dries completely. :-)

We've come along way living room! The top is when we moved in and, the bottom is when I moved it before we got the desk. :-)

My living room is just so big and has so much empty wall space. 


Well here I sit

8/17/2015 05:30:00 AM

Here I sit at the hospital! What is wrong? I don't even know at this point honestly. 

I've been given more test and medicines than I can even count. Just had some kind of reaction to the iodine they injected into me for a scan so now I'm loopy off Benadryl. 

Interesting enough they got an Iv in my left arm which almost never happens.

That's all, this is my current view. Zofran and Morphine take me away. 

At this point I just want to go home and sleep in my own bed. 😕


I wonder

8/11/2015 03:12:00 AM

What five years will get me?

Just kidding. I love my ring. I loved my first and second one too! My ring now actually has the diamond from my second ring and one of the bands. It's so me and I love it!

bedroom redo

Bedroom makeover, dinner and a storm

8/10/2015 11:47:00 PM

So, I went in a completely different direction with my bedroom than planned and I couldn't be more happy! I did a lot of furniture moving today in and out of various rooms and I'm quite pleased with the outcome although, I do have a ton of cleaning to do tomorrow. I guess it's a good way to keep busy? Let's hope so.

So my bedroom started out with this huge king size bed in it that was just too much bed, it's gone now and I could not be happier. It was traded for a smaller queen and at first this was my finished product. 

I was honestly ok with that but I wanted more color, the grey and yellow had just become "blah" to me. I absolutely love Walmarts Better Home and Gardens line of quilts so off I went to Walmart to look at what they had and I found this... This is actually what the finished product is now! 

I love all of the colors and that little elephant pillow... That is actually what sold me on this set. And yes! Do you notice the green curtains? No I didn't buy them, I "made" them! Yes, made them!!!

See? When all else fails just use RIT dye. 

I also had Trey put one of the dressers in a closet I don't use but we had to take it apart to get it in... That almost hurt my heart taking this extremely old piece of beautiful furniture apart but we got it in. 

See it pulled apart? Ack!

I was also able to move this dresser in, broken drawer and all. Thankfully we know someone that can make a new drawer so now I just wait and get peeved each time I look at it like this! 

I also threw this dresser in there complete with a mirror I had laying around that just so happens to match. I like it! 

And the dinner part? My kids are always begging me for stuff with bacon in it or on it so tonight I made a meatloaf wrapped in bacon! It was amazing! 

Last but not least there was a nasty storm that tried to come our way tonight! This was in the car on the way to Walmart...

If you notice it's pretty in the back towards the house and horrendous in the front! 

That's all I got for today yall!


The desk has a home

8/09/2015 10:10:00 PM

I went back and forth with selling this and keeping it, I decided to keep it and moved it to its new home today! 

It now sits in my living room next to the entry way and hallway. In that hallway you can see an antique telephone table that belonged to someone in my husbands family long ago! I'm an antique NUT! 



8/09/2015 07:47:00 PM

Here is an awesome quote. 

I look around at my home, kids and everything we are blessed with and can't help but feel sorry for people who do nothing but talk. 

God has surely blessed us in ways we never imagined! 


I LOVE Old Navy, for my kids!

8/08/2015 10:05:00 PM

Old navy has a killer sale going on right now, I got the kids a ton of clothes for under $100!!! 

The one that needed the most was Mady... OMG hat child jumped like 3 sizes this summer! She started summer as a solid size 7 and now she's holding steady at a 10, she's growing up before my very eyes! Her feet are the same size though so I'm guessing she's probably going to be about the same size as me in shoes when she gets older because my feet always ran smaller than most kids my age! 

Old Navy never really has much for me though, I usually flock to them for tank tops and stuff like that but in actual clothing I tend to go elsewhere... Their jeans just don't fit me right when it comes to length! 

One more thing... 
I suggest you check out these shoes, I absolutely love them! 

bedroom redo

More on my "Bedroom Redo!"

8/08/2015 05:32:00 PM

So, I mentioned my bedroom makeover in another post were I posted about my new chest of drawers and I figured I'd go into a bit more detail.

Right now my bedroom is yellow, grey and teal and it's just not cutting it for me anymore... I have found a ton of new things I am in love with for my room and I've decided to go a different color route. 
Im am also going to be pairing a ton of furniture to match. 
Anyhow, here is a little bit of inspiration for my bedroom makeover. I'm thinking of using different shades of mint and coral! 

I also love the mixing of patterns!

I have a vanity almost identical to the one I put in my inspiration collage and I'm thinking of painting it that color also. I haven't decided on why to do with the rest of the furniture yet as I haven't really decided what color to go with but, I do know it will either be the mint or coral I have pictured above (I do intend on keeping the tops dark! 

Last but not least for this post I have this thing too! I was going to sell it but decided to keep it, although it won't be in my bedroom I do have a entire matching set of this stuff and I love it so!
PS... It will be painted too!

Off to Homegoods to buy stuff! ❤️

Friday Five

Friday Five - 8/7/2015

8/07/2015 06:29:00 PM

1. The woman I thought would never do me wrong has. 

2. My son (Jacob) is probably one of my best friends 
3. You really don't NEED the interstate
4. I like the Kia more than the Dodge for trips
5. People are always capable of being disgusting 

bedroom redo

First week is in the books...

8/07/2015 06:25:00 PM

School went good for everyone involved and the first week is in the books! We still have some schedule issue to stomp out for the oldest but nothing that will cause any major issues for his senior year! Yes, I just said senior... OMG, am I really that old? Lol 

The twins adjusted really well to repeating the 2nd grade, I thought we would have issues but it's really been fairly pleasant. I just felt like I have said before they were shorted the first half of their second grade year because they were in a HORRIBLE SCHOOL! This new school is amazing and repeating can't do anything but give extra knowledge!

Anyways, as most of you probably already know about me I love old furniture and Trey grabs it for me ALL. THE. TIME! The other day he dropped this off at that house and I am in LOVE with it!

I need to refinish it but first I need to decide on the exact color! More to come in a later blog post on my bedroom updates, I'm super excited about them! 


Funny the things they notice

8/06/2015 07:50:00 AM

I have been up all night due to my lovely kidneys and in talking to one of my friends about habits we have determined I pose the same on all my photos! I never noticed it until she brought this to my attention... 

Sure enough, in every single one of my photos I have posted on Instagram there is that left hand on my hip... Old habits die hard I guess! 

Speaking of habits/things about me/my quirks I have quite a few and probably too many to name... 
I only sleep on one side of my pillow. 
I don't eat more than one thing at a time... Like I will finish each item on my plate before moving to the next. 
I don't like drinking after people. 
I'm not claustrophobic but don't sit too close because I don't like it. 
When I take a shower I go in a certain order. 
I will ask for help cooking then kick you out of the kitchen because you're not doing it my way. 
I don't go in the ocean but my absolute favorite place is the beach. 
I been known to go to AYCE buffets and eat one plate of food. 
I will cut my hair then instantly regret it. 
I get scared every time I get a new tattoo. 
I'm afraid of heights. 
I'm afraid of being trapped somewhere so much so I would never go in a cave and parking decks really scare me. 
Forget driving over a bridge, my heart seriously beats out of my chest. 
I can't stand shoes that are too tight or have "wrinkles" to the point I'll stop dead in my tracks to fix them. 
I'm scared of death. So much to the point I have written down instructions for everything incase I die. My PW, accounts we have and instructions on how to live, cook and do pretty much anything. 

There is more but the more I type the more I realize I have issues. Lol 


Whoa these kidneys

8/06/2015 03:12:00 AM

I know they are eventually going to be the death of me (that's like not a joke but is, they legit will be) but I really wish they'd quit flaring up. 

I missed my appointment at Vanderbilt last month because we got Jayden so I'm frantically trying to get back in a slot up there but, tonight has just been one horrible pain after another. I JUST SIS post about how I had been doing better so I guess I spoke to soon on that one! 

So for now, this is my beverage of choice and it seems to be doing the trick of at least taking the ENDLESS cramping away. 
I can't lie though, the juice isn't too bad because after all I am using it to wash down these bad boys!!

Yes, that is totally correct... I have girl scout cookies! Not only do I have them but I have cases of them (it really is ok to be jealous)! 

On a totally random note, I tried a new flavor of Gain today! I know, that has nothing to do with this post but it's popped into my mind! 

Happy days

Ethan Jolly

It amazes me

8/05/2015 08:29:00 PM

How one person can have their head so far up their own disgusting ass.

I see you loser. And soon you'll be seeing me too, in court. :-)

Have you nothing better to do for EIGHT HOURS? Searching my blog and Google for me non stop today? I mean you won't find me sitting on any ex's of mines page for that long. I understand you're probably jealous of everything I have and sad for what you've lost but come on now... Obsessive? Just a little... Or maybe a lot.

Get a JOB. 


Summer is gone

8/05/2015 09:17:00 AM

Well, summer is over for us and the kids are back in school... So far they are enjoying it! I love the schools the kids are in and I can't wait to actually get into the school year and watch them progress even more at this school!

I spent almost the entire summer with my mom in Tennessee and oh how I am missing her these last few days, I can't wait to go back on break! I just miss her so bad. 
I've actually been feeling a lot better here lately, no more fevers or sickies going on for me so that is a huge plus!!!! 
Not very much to blog about really, just wanted to stop by and mention back to school. ❤️

Oh! Edited to add that I did get a new tattoo a few days ago... It's a crown on my hand, yes my hand and I'm almost all the way to be sleeved out on my right arm... Only a few more months and it will be done!

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