Bedroom makeover, dinner and a storm

8/10/2015 11:47:00 PM

So, I went in a completely different direction with my bedroom than planned and I couldn't be more happy! I did a lot of furniture moving today in and out of various rooms and I'm quite pleased with the outcome although, I do have a ton of cleaning to do tomorrow. I guess it's a good way to keep busy? Let's hope so.

So my bedroom started out with this huge king size bed in it that was just too much bed, it's gone now and I could not be happier. It was traded for a smaller queen and at first this was my finished product. 

I was honestly ok with that but I wanted more color, the grey and yellow had just become "blah" to me. I absolutely love Walmarts Better Home and Gardens line of quilts so off I went to Walmart to look at what they had and I found this... This is actually what the finished product is now! 

I love all of the colors and that little elephant pillow... That is actually what sold me on this set. And yes! Do you notice the green curtains? No I didn't buy them, I "made" them! Yes, made them!!!

See? When all else fails just use RIT dye. 

I also had Trey put one of the dressers in a closet I don't use but we had to take it apart to get it in... That almost hurt my heart taking this extremely old piece of beautiful furniture apart but we got it in. 

See it pulled apart? Ack!

I was also able to move this dresser in, broken drawer and all. Thankfully we know someone that can make a new drawer so now I just wait and get peeved each time I look at it like this! 

I also threw this dresser in there complete with a mirror I had laying around that just so happens to match. I like it! 

And the dinner part? My kids are always begging me for stuff with bacon in it or on it so tonight I made a meatloaf wrapped in bacon! It was amazing! 

Last but not least there was a nasty storm that tried to come our way tonight! This was in the car on the way to Walmart...

If you notice it's pretty in the back towards the house and horrendous in the front! 

That's all I got for today yall!

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