First week is in the books...

8/07/2015 06:25:00 PM

School went good for everyone involved and the first week is in the books! We still have some schedule issue to stomp out for the oldest but nothing that will cause any major issues for his senior year! Yes, I just said senior... OMG, am I really that old? Lol 

The twins adjusted really well to repeating the 2nd grade, I thought we would have issues but it's really been fairly pleasant. I just felt like I have said before they were shorted the first half of their second grade year because they were in a HORRIBLE SCHOOL! This new school is amazing and repeating can't do anything but give extra knowledge!

Anyways, as most of you probably already know about me I love old furniture and Trey grabs it for me ALL. THE. TIME! The other day he dropped this off at that house and I am in LOVE with it!

I need to refinish it but first I need to decide on the exact color! More to come in a later blog post on my bedroom updates, I'm super excited about them! 

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