Funny the things they notice

8/06/2015 07:50:00 AM

I have been up all night due to my lovely kidneys and in talking to one of my friends about habits we have determined I pose the same on all my photos! I never noticed it until she brought this to my attention... 

Sure enough, in every single one of my photos I have posted on Instagram there is that left hand on my hip... Old habits die hard I guess! 

Speaking of habits/things about me/my quirks I have quite a few and probably too many to name... 
I only sleep on one side of my pillow. 
I don't eat more than one thing at a time... Like I will finish each item on my plate before moving to the next. 
I don't like drinking after people. 
I'm not claustrophobic but don't sit too close because I don't like it. 
When I take a shower I go in a certain order. 
I will ask for help cooking then kick you out of the kitchen because you're not doing it my way. 
I don't go in the ocean but my absolute favorite place is the beach. 
I been known to go to AYCE buffets and eat one plate of food. 
I will cut my hair then instantly regret it. 
I get scared every time I get a new tattoo. 
I'm afraid of heights. 
I'm afraid of being trapped somewhere so much so I would never go in a cave and parking decks really scare me. 
Forget driving over a bridge, my heart seriously beats out of my chest. 
I can't stand shoes that are too tight or have "wrinkles" to the point I'll stop dead in my tracks to fix them. 
I'm scared of death. So much to the point I have written down instructions for everything incase I die. My PW, accounts we have and instructions on how to live, cook and do pretty much anything. 

There is more but the more I type the more I realize I have issues. Lol 

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