I LOVE Old Navy, for my kids!

8/08/2015 10:05:00 PM

Old navy has a killer sale going on right now, I got the kids a ton of clothes for under $100!!! 

The one that needed the most was Mady... OMG hat child jumped like 3 sizes this summer! She started summer as a solid size 7 and now she's holding steady at a 10, she's growing up before my very eyes! Her feet are the same size though so I'm guessing she's probably going to be about the same size as me in shoes when she gets older because my feet always ran smaller than most kids my age! 

Old Navy never really has much for me though, I usually flock to them for tank tops and stuff like that but in actual clothing I tend to go elsewhere... Their jeans just don't fit me right when it comes to length! 

One more thing... 
I suggest you check out these shoes, I absolutely love them! 

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