More on my "Bedroom Redo!"

8/08/2015 05:32:00 PM

So, I mentioned my bedroom makeover in another post were I posted about my new chest of drawers and I figured I'd go into a bit more detail.

Right now my bedroom is yellow, grey and teal and it's just not cutting it for me anymore... I have found a ton of new things I am in love with for my room and I've decided to go a different color route. 
Im am also going to be pairing a ton of furniture to match. 
Anyhow, here is a little bit of inspiration for my bedroom makeover. I'm thinking of using different shades of mint and coral! 

I also love the mixing of patterns!

I have a vanity almost identical to the one I put in my inspiration collage and I'm thinking of painting it that color also. I haven't decided on why to do with the rest of the furniture yet as I haven't really decided what color to go with but, I do know it will either be the mint or coral I have pictured above (I do intend on keeping the tops dark! 

Last but not least for this post I have this thing too! I was going to sell it but decided to keep it, although it won't be in my bedroom I do have a entire matching set of this stuff and I love it so!
PS... It will be painted too!

Off to Homegoods to buy stuff! ❤️

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