Moving stuff around

8/25/2015 03:16:00 AM

I seem to move my furniture a lot. I have a lot of it and fitting it all into the living room sometimes seems a chore... However, I really like what I have done this time (please disregard the clothing I have piled in a chair, it's too small and being donated and that's just where I chose to leave it)!

Anyways, here's my living room now:

Yeah, I gave you guys the panorama view too!!! That yellow desk and the sofa table is what I moved. The front door is to the left of the sofa table that's under the mirror and to me that just screams entry table more so than that desk... I also think like many others have told me that it opens up and makes the room appear brighter. 

Here's an up close of the sofa table and mirror:

You'll have to excuse the foggy crud on that mirror, it's really old and I clean it with WATER so it smudges until it dries completely. :-)

We've come along way living room! The top is when we moved in and, the bottom is when I moved it before we got the desk. :-)

My living room is just so big and has so much empty wall space. 

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