Summer is gone

8/05/2015 09:17:00 AM

Well, summer is over for us and the kids are back in school... So far they are enjoying it! I love the schools the kids are in and I can't wait to actually get into the school year and watch them progress even more at this school!

I spent almost the entire summer with my mom in Tennessee and oh how I am missing her these last few days, I can't wait to go back on break! I just miss her so bad. 
I've actually been feeling a lot better here lately, no more fevers or sickies going on for me so that is a huge plus!!!! 
Not very much to blog about really, just wanted to stop by and mention back to school. ❤️

Oh! Edited to add that I did get a new tattoo a few days ago... It's a crown on my hand, yes my hand and I'm almost all the way to be sleeved out on my right arm... Only a few more months and it will be done!

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