Whoa these kidneys

8/06/2015 03:12:00 AM

I know they are eventually going to be the death of me (that's like not a joke but is, they legit will be) but I really wish they'd quit flaring up. 

I missed my appointment at Vanderbilt last month because we got Jayden so I'm frantically trying to get back in a slot up there but, tonight has just been one horrible pain after another. I JUST SIS post about how I had been doing better so I guess I spoke to soon on that one! 

So for now, this is my beverage of choice and it seems to be doing the trick of at least taking the ENDLESS cramping away. 
I can't lie though, the juice isn't too bad because after all I am using it to wash down these bad boys!!

Yes, that is totally correct... I have girl scout cookies! Not only do I have them but I have cases of them (it really is ok to be jealous)! 

On a totally random note, I tried a new flavor of Gain today! I know, that has nothing to do with this post but it's popped into my mind! 

Happy days

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