Haven't been here in a while!

10/18/2015 06:03:00 PM

Hello there, it's been a while. 

Since here last I've been on a hair dying rampage. 
I had finally gotten my hair to a darker magneta color (using Loreal Highcolor) and the result was this:
That wasn't light enough for me so over the break I bleached it out and redyed it a pinker magenta for which now looks like this:
(Excuse the horrible acne on my face, it's been attacking me since I've been sick again.)
I love my hair now! Couldn't be happier! It will probably be a new color next month but, that's the fun in it!
And on the topic of hair I also did my sister in laws hair! 

We made our mostly monthly trip up to my moms where Sarah both learned how to shoot a gun
And ride a motorcycle 
Both of which her uncle taught her. I'm so glad she's experiencing things like this and enjoying them! I love my girl! 

Speaking of my girl, my middle girl turned TEN this month. As most of you know her "father" and his family alienate me from them so once again this year we were robbed of being able to celebrate her birthday. I do however have this very fuzzy photo of her on her birthday! 
She's so big and beautiful! Won't be long now my sweet Katy baby! 

Let's not forget the boys though, they had fun blowing stuff up with their paw!!

All in all life is being very good to all of us right now! 

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