Easy Pumpkin Cheesecake

11/28/2015 02:44:00 PM

I have no spiffy professional photos and I have no catchy phrase... Just a pic of my finished cheesecake and the recipe. 

I will tell you I had quite a few fails before I perfected this and if you don't follow the recipe EXACTLY you'll end up with this...

Yeah, not so pretty. The cream cheese curdled and it was just all nasty. 

But behold, I tried again and I got THIS BIT PF PERFECTION! 

The recipe is easy and like I said you have to follow it EXACTLY! Oh, I use a sugar cookie crust also because we don't like graham cracker round these parts. 

Preheat oven to 350

Press sugar cookie dough into bottom of greased springform pan and back at 250 for 10 mins. Set aside to cool. 

-3 8oz packages of cream cheese softened to room temperature 
-3 Large eggs at room temperature 
-1.5 cups tabulated sugar 
-2 tablespoons all purpose flour 
-1 tablespoon pumpkin pie spice 
-1 can pure pumpkin 

- Cream together the cream cheese with sugar, flour and pumpkin pie spice until smooth and no lumps
-Add eggs 1 by 1 beating between each egg until smooth 
-Add 1 can pure pumpkin to mixture and beat until smooth

Pour over cookie crust already made and cook at 350 for 75-90 mins depending on oven. 


Still sick.

11/22/2015 05:20:00 PM

My life stinks right about now, I am still sick from whatever bug I caught back on Halloween. So far it's been hell and it's taken all of my hearing in my right ear and it's working in my left. I just want to feel better, I just want my ear to quit hurting... I'm so over being sick! 

I dyed my hair again though, it's been every color in the book these past few months but I think I've found one I'm going to stick with... Magenta, it's kind of like mermaid with a but if purple. 

I'm happy with it, now for it just to grow a little longer and I'll be happy. 

Anyways, not much to update because I haven't really done anything productive since I got sick. 

Oh, I did try to make homemade cornbread like my mother in law does (by eye) and failed horrible. lol 
She did make me some dressing tho for a trial run last night, I added it to some home made cranberry sauce I made and it was yummy... I'd eat it everyday of the year if I could. 

I'm just over here counting down the days until I get to go to my mamas house and spend Thanksgiving with her for the first time ever. 


So that's why I'm sick

11/14/2015 04:58:00 PM

This is a cut and paste from my Facebook...

For everyone asking. 

I have Haemophilus influenza. It's the bacterial infection that causes pneumonia and meningitis. 
It's bacterial and not viral so that explains why no one around me got sick. I don't know how I got it, or where I picked it up from. 
This is what caused my ear drum to rupture in turn taking my hearing. I still can't hear out of my right ear and it may be a while before I can... If it comes back at all. I'm hopeful it will. 
I'm on more medications than they store at your local pharmacy so I'm feeling a little better. 
I'd like to add that I am OK. My initial cultures came back fine and just indicated the bacteria and pneumonia. I haven't had a fever at all today (for 24 hours now) and with the help of medicine the coughing as stopped which has in turn given my stomach a break. 

Some of you may remember last month when I woke up to a swollen shut throat and my doctor said it was a MILD case of "epiglottitis." Well apparently that is where it started and my doctor didn't think to test me for this. It took this doctor a minute to figure everything out. I told him what all I had going on he didn't think much until I told him "I have pink eye too" and it was like someone turned the lightbulb on and he knew exactly what to look for. 

Thank you for the kind thoughts.

So, it all makes sense now. This is why I have been sick for damn near 3 straight weeks and it's not getting any better at all. Ugh. I hate being sick!


Sick again.

11/08/2015 05:15:00 PM

I am so incredibly sick it isn't even funny. 

I just got out of the shower where I literally stood and cried my eyes out because I'm in so much pain! 

Earlier last week when we got home from my moms I had some pretty serious flu like symptoms. I went and got some EmergenC and I started to seemingly feel better... Until today. It literally has hit me like a ton of bricks and I am in so much pain from my back all the way down to my toes! I have a pretty serious fever, a cough to go along with it and a banging headache that won't quit. I've decided if I'm not feeling any better after this medicine circulates through me I am going to the doctor. I. Am. Miserable! 

Last night I was playing around with and app called Acapella and notices how sick I really do look. Everyone is trying to calm my nerves by telling me it's not bad.... Please. Lol 

That's bad. I appreciate all of the warm fuzzy thoughts though!
Hats no makeup, no skin products no nothing but what my mamas gave me. Oh and some acne that my medicine gave me! 😡

That's about it! 

Oh yeah, one more thing! 
Shoutout to my baby daddy who turned 37 today! Are we really this old?!

Ethan Jolly


11/08/2015 05:00:00 PM

My son won a Magic tournament! Go ETHAN!!! I am so proud of you! 

Love, mom. 

Yes, you probably notice two "tags" on this photo... If you would like to read my personal blog to Ethan and his sister Kaitlyn you may do so by clicking here

Ethan, Kaitlyn and I are victims of
Parental alienation. 


My brother, the marine!

11/06/2015 06:52:00 PM

My brother has been going through the ringer in boot camp! He's been on that dang island for what seems like FOREVER! After a bad shoulder injury, a few months in the MRP he has finally tested out of PCP and was picked up by another company to complete training! Now we just wait for January to see him graduate! 

Every now and then we can catch photos of him via the company page on Favebook so it's nice to get a glimpse of him!
I am beyond proud of my little brother!!! 


Has it really been 9 years?

11/06/2015 12:55:00 AM

Seems I've been neglecting you... 

Anyways, we had a major life shift this past month and I can honestly say it was for the better... Life has gone to a somewhat slower pace and the house isn't always in uproar, my heart is broken but it is for the best in the end. That's all, no more to be spoken so just know that we are all good! 

My brother who is currently in boot camp has finally gone back to training! He tested his way out of the PCP this last week and was picked up by a new company! I can not even begin to tell you my level of excitement! I can't wait to see him graduate and make a life being a United States Marine! 

The twins just did turn 9 two days ago! It's hard to believe they are on their last year if single digits... My Twinkies are growing up fast I tell you!
This photo was taken on Halloween so not too far off from her birthday! He was Harry Potter and she was Gamora from Guardians of The Galaxy! 
We spent Halloween up at memaws for the first time ever and we all thoroughly enjoyed it! 

That's about it, just wanted to throw a quick update. Everyone is doing amazing here! 

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