Has it really been 9 years?

11/06/2015 12:55:00 AM

Seems I've been neglecting you... 

Anyways, we had a major life shift this past month and I can honestly say it was for the better... Life has gone to a somewhat slower pace and the house isn't always in uproar, my heart is broken but it is for the best in the end. That's all, no more to be spoken so just know that we are all good! 

My brother who is currently in boot camp has finally gone back to training! He tested his way out of the PCP this last week and was picked up by a new company! I can not even begin to tell you my level of excitement! I can't wait to see him graduate and make a life being a United States Marine! 

The twins just did turn 9 two days ago! It's hard to believe they are on their last year if single digits... My Twinkies are growing up fast I tell you!
This photo was taken on Halloween so not too far off from her birthday! He was Harry Potter and she was Gamora from Guardians of The Galaxy! 
We spent Halloween up at memaws for the first time ever and we all thoroughly enjoyed it! 

That's about it, just wanted to throw a quick update. Everyone is doing amazing here! 

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