Sick again.

11/08/2015 05:15:00 PM

I am so incredibly sick it isn't even funny. 

I just got out of the shower where I literally stood and cried my eyes out because I'm in so much pain! 

Earlier last week when we got home from my moms I had some pretty serious flu like symptoms. I went and got some EmergenC and I started to seemingly feel better... Until today. It literally has hit me like a ton of bricks and I am in so much pain from my back all the way down to my toes! I have a pretty serious fever, a cough to go along with it and a banging headache that won't quit. I've decided if I'm not feeling any better after this medicine circulates through me I am going to the doctor. I. Am. Miserable! 

Last night I was playing around with and app called Acapella and notices how sick I really do look. Everyone is trying to calm my nerves by telling me it's not bad.... Please. Lol 

That's bad. I appreciate all of the warm fuzzy thoughts though!
Hats no makeup, no skin products no nothing but what my mamas gave me. Oh and some acne that my medicine gave me! 😡

That's about it! 

Oh yeah, one more thing! 
Shoutout to my baby daddy who turned 37 today! Are we really this old?!

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