So that's why I'm sick

11/14/2015 04:58:00 PM

This is a cut and paste from my Facebook...

For everyone asking. 

I have Haemophilus influenza. It's the bacterial infection that causes pneumonia and meningitis. 
It's bacterial and not viral so that explains why no one around me got sick. I don't know how I got it, or where I picked it up from. 
This is what caused my ear drum to rupture in turn taking my hearing. I still can't hear out of my right ear and it may be a while before I can... If it comes back at all. I'm hopeful it will. 
I'm on more medications than they store at your local pharmacy so I'm feeling a little better. 
I'd like to add that I am OK. My initial cultures came back fine and just indicated the bacteria and pneumonia. I haven't had a fever at all today (for 24 hours now) and with the help of medicine the coughing as stopped which has in turn given my stomach a break. 

Some of you may remember last month when I woke up to a swollen shut throat and my doctor said it was a MILD case of "epiglottitis." Well apparently that is where it started and my doctor didn't think to test me for this. It took this doctor a minute to figure everything out. I told him what all I had going on he didn't think much until I told him "I have pink eye too" and it was like someone turned the lightbulb on and he knew exactly what to look for. 

Thank you for the kind thoughts.

So, it all makes sense now. This is why I have been sick for damn near 3 straight weeks and it's not getting any better at all. Ugh. I hate being sick!

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