Still sick.

11/22/2015 05:20:00 PM

My life stinks right about now, I am still sick from whatever bug I caught back on Halloween. So far it's been hell and it's taken all of my hearing in my right ear and it's working in my left. I just want to feel better, I just want my ear to quit hurting... I'm so over being sick! 

I dyed my hair again though, it's been every color in the book these past few months but I think I've found one I'm going to stick with... Magenta, it's kind of like mermaid with a but if purple. 

I'm happy with it, now for it just to grow a little longer and I'll be happy. 

Anyways, not much to update because I haven't really done anything productive since I got sick. 

Oh, I did try to make homemade cornbread like my mother in law does (by eye) and failed horrible. lol 
She did make me some dressing tho for a trial run last night, I added it to some home made cranberry sauce I made and it was yummy... I'd eat it everyday of the year if I could. 

I'm just over here counting down the days until I get to go to my mamas house and spend Thanksgiving with her for the first time ever. 

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