Just UGH already...

12/09/2015 07:38:00 AM

I am still sick from when I was sick back in October. Just ugh. 

My ear infection has moved from one ear to another with so sign of letting up. I'm not sleeping right, definately not eating right and I just feel gross. 
Night sweats? Yeah, that's my new thing and I absolutely hate them! I'm literally drenching my entire bed as I sleep and the fan is doing absolutely nothing to help. It's funny actually, my pink hair is turning everything my sweaty sleeping head comes into contact with pink. 
Like I said I haven't been able to eat much so I've pretty much been living on these things:

I'm going to cry when the Christmas season is over and this flavor is gone gone gone until next year. Most people cry over lost pumpkin but not me, I'm going to be missing the Trader Joes cranberry items! I'm thinking of stock piling but that just entices me to eat them all, they are like Girl Scout cookies... I can't stop. 

Speaking of TJ's... How cute is this advent calendar I picked up last month for the kids?! 

And one more bit of randomness... The other day I went to Gwinnett and look what I saw... 

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