Oh Christmas Tree...

12/06/2015 01:40:00 AM

Last year after Christmas I tossed out both of our trees that we had. I did this because I knew I was moving and they were on their last leg... Like literally one was missing a leg and I had to use a fork to hold it up. Anyways, this year I went back and forth with the idea of a Christmas tree because we won't actually BE HERE on Christmas. I took the kids to Walmart and I allowed them to pick everything for our tree, they did good!

That's the tree during the day time with the lights on. This year we went with LED lights and I'm glad we did, they are super bright and light up my huge living room!

You see that? Bright bright bright lights! Oh, I also love the choic EIN stockings! So non traditional but still so cute! 

Last but not least a cute photo that shows the tinsel garland the kids picked up close, again... I think the kids did good! I'm proud of it! 

One more for the fact that I love it!

Edit to add: we don't use tinsel because we have cats that come inside and tinsel can kill them! :-)

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