The day before the day before Christmas...

12/23/2015 03:50:00 AM

So, it's the day before Christmas Eve and I think I am completely done shopping, I'm probably not but one can hope! 

The other day I got my hair cut, it's a little shorter than I had intiaitlly wanted but I'm really liking it! I just need to redye it to touch up my horrible looking roots! 

Yeah, you see that right. The Kia, smashed up and looking sad. A deer was hit on a country back road and I'm actually impressed with this tiny little car, it took one hell of a hit and kept on rolling. If you can believe this that head light STILL lights up! A new car is coming in January so we are now definitely looking towards another Lia... Quite impressed with how this car held up! Sad thought that it's banged up. 

I have two new obsessions lately... Easy fudge and MukLuks. 

I know, two totally unrelated things but still totally obsessed. 
That fudge up there is milk chocolate fudge and cranberry white chocolate fudge... OH. MY. YUM! I'll post the recipe later when I feel like it. 
MukLuks you ask? OMG, I'm addicted to them and can not stop buying them in every form they make them in, check them out... You'll love them too! 

I can't wait until Christmas day, I want to go back to my mamas so bad I can't stand it! 48 more hours and I will be at my mamas house! Wooohoooo

Anyways, I leave you with this... It is so me. And Thing 1. 

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