Slacking again. I know.

2/12/2016 08:59:00 AM

So, nothing much going on in my life. It's normal as usual and usual is my normal!

I've not been sick any lately so that is good, my kidneys seem to be behaving and not causing any issues so that is more than a relief. 
The Loa got fixed from where Bambi decided to tango with it, it actually looks pretty good too... I was scared they would either total it OR it wouldn't look good fixed. It actually looks better now than it did! 

Oh yeah, how pretty is this?!? 

And speaking of pretty check this out
(I still haven't even used it)!

I got bored not too long ago and decided to redo the entire kitchen in terms of the furniture. 
I moved the hutch back to the original corner it was in. 

And then I took a shelf that's been everything from an entertainment center to a shoe shelf and I did this with it 

I put all of the Pyrex, bowls and similar things to that on it... And now that kitchenaide mixer! I like it and I think not only does it look better but it serves a better purpose! I'm happy with it!!!

I also moved the bed, it's on a different wall and has different bed side tables. Made for more room! 

I'm not sure I have much else to talk about? Lol
Honestly nothing has been going on other than everyday life for me. 

Do you snapchat?
I do. All day everyday, add me! 

Bye y'all!

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