This heart can't take it...

6/25/2016 03:56:00 AM

Last Friday we got a call from Treys Doctor stating he needed to be seen on Monday by the cardiologist. Rewind to one month ago he went in for a echocardiogram....

We went to the appointment this last Monday and found out there are some issues with his heart... Good lord willing and the creek don't rise he WILL be ok. I have already put it on Gods name so I refuse to believe any different! 
When we got home from Treys appointment I got a message concerning my dad... HE HAD HAD A STROKE! That day was an incredibly hard, trying, emotional horrific day. Everyone is ok and home where they should be for now. I don't think I have ever felt as vulnerable as I did this last Monday, it was literally one thing after another. 

Is it back to school time yet? I need a break and summer isn't even half way over. I miss my mom, I miss entire family in Tn! I am supposed to be there right now but God had other plans. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love my babies at home with me but something has got to give. This isn't the summer I was expecting and nothing like it was last year! 

To top off this last week of festivities my phone took a dump! Yep, if you read my last post you already know. All of my photos, text and some of my beloved apps are GONE. Oh well. It's not that important I guess. Not in the grand scheme of everything else going on! 

Right now I'm just recovering from last week. I've regrouped and I am ready to hit next week like a boss (I hope)! Trey has his MRI on Monday and that will be the tell all... Y'all cross you fingers! 


Bento lunches.

6/20/2016 03:26:00 AM

So, the twins decided they want to take their lunches next year and I decided that much like everything else I would make a production... I'm sure they are so happy. 

Anyways. I went on Amazon and ordered them a "Yumbox" for their actual lunchbox. It is leak proof and seals tight to keep food fresh. I'm excited about that fact because I have one that LOVES yogurt and with this I am not scared to send it. 
(This is what they look like) 
And they sell for around 25.99 to 35.99 on Amazon. You can also buy them direct from Yumbox but I've found Amazon to have an array of retired colors that the actual Yumbox site doesn't have. 

With all of that said we have settled on a Star Wars box & Hello Kitty box for the first day. I am going to try my best to mimick these two boxes:

Like I said, it shouldn't be all that hard as most of it appears to be simple cutting. I am gathering up all the little trinkets, cookie cutters, silicone cups and party favor-ish things I'll need to pull this off! 

Here is my idea board on Pinterest, it not only has ideas for my first boxes but for many more:

I like this idea of lunch because it allows portion control and makes lunch fun. Hopefully the kids enough this route and don't think it is stupid. They are big 3rd graders you know!!

At any rate I can't wait to share my boxes!

Psycho Ex

Love this.

6/19/2016 02:00:00 AM

Totally my new mantra.

I will no longer waste my time on trash. The truth will prevail and the liars will end up in hell. Hey, I made a funny! 

A quickie.

6/15/2016 02:31:00 PM

I NEED to find these big letters again! I saw them at what used to be Garden Ridge last year and wish I had bought them! Yes, I spelled out my name before I left! 😂


Something happened to my air last night and it refused to work. It's being fixed today but last night I had the pleasure of listening to this roaring box fan and it was not fun. That thing is loud!!! 

Then this:

There was a storm so bad yesterday it wasn't even funny. This was up in Dalton when I stopped for some food and even though it makes for a pretty photo it made for some NASTY weather. 

And last:

I just love this photo and verse.


These crazy pets

6/07/2016 01:19:00 AM

Summer is HERE and I am so excited! I really don't have any plans laid out for the summer other than to have FUN! Lots of cleaning, rearranging and getting read to be done I do know that! I have got to get in my house and get it cleaned up, cleaned out and organized... I can't even begin to stand it right now! 

We started of summer with a bang, I was sick then Mady got sick but we both seem to be doing better now. 
Back on June 1st our kitty cat gave birth to 4 cute little babies! We aren't sure what they are yet because we have left them alone for the most part but they are adorable!!! 
She's very protective of her babies but I was able to snap this one:
This mama kitty loves her babies:
Then there is this little boy Harvy, he's growing up so fast! 
And don't let me forget to add exactly how mischievous he is:
He's extremely proud when he makes messed or tears things up. He wants to make sure you know he did it and he will pose for photos with his mess! 
We love our animals though and wouldn't trade them for anything... Except better behaving versions maybe. ❤️
am excited for the upcoming month because we are going to WHITE WATER! It's been so long since I've been there I don't even know what to expect! I just know the kids will love it! 

I'm just excited to see what this summer will bring! 

And now it is time for me to go eat a little bit and sleep! It's dang 1:15 am!!! Bye talk. 


Where do you people come from?

6/07/2016 01:03:00 AM

I don't push this blog like I did my last one so I'm often left wondering WHERE all these people come from that read my blog!!!

I mean, I don't even post consistently but yet there you people are, faithfully reading whatever I do post. Maybe I should post more? I mean after all this will be a chronicle of life that I can look back on and possible leave behind. Yeah, maybe I'll do that. Lol 

Anyways. Hello to my readers... All 228 of you that visited yesterday. 

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