Bento lunches.

6/20/2016 03:26:00 AM

So, the twins decided they want to take their lunches next year and I decided that much like everything else I would make a production... I'm sure they are so happy. 

Anyways. I went on Amazon and ordered them a "Yumbox" for their actual lunchbox. It is leak proof and seals tight to keep food fresh. I'm excited about that fact because I have one that LOVES yogurt and with this I am not scared to send it. 
(This is what they look like) 
And they sell for around 25.99 to 35.99 on Amazon. You can also buy them direct from Yumbox but I've found Amazon to have an array of retired colors that the actual Yumbox site doesn't have. 

With all of that said we have settled on a Star Wars box & Hello Kitty box for the first day. I am going to try my best to mimick these two boxes:

Like I said, it shouldn't be all that hard as most of it appears to be simple cutting. I am gathering up all the little trinkets, cookie cutters, silicone cups and party favor-ish things I'll need to pull this off! 

Here is my idea board on Pinterest, it not only has ideas for my first boxes but for many more:

I like this idea of lunch because it allows portion control and makes lunch fun. Hopefully the kids enough this route and don't think it is stupid. They are big 3rd graders you know!!

At any rate I can't wait to share my boxes!

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