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6/07/2016 01:19:00 AM

Summer is HERE and I am so excited! I really don't have any plans laid out for the summer other than to have FUN! Lots of cleaning, rearranging and getting read to be done I do know that! I have got to get in my house and get it cleaned up, cleaned out and organized... I can't even begin to stand it right now! 

We started of summer with a bang, I was sick then Mady got sick but we both seem to be doing better now. 
Back on June 1st our kitty cat gave birth to 4 cute little babies! We aren't sure what they are yet because we have left them alone for the most part but they are adorable!!! 
She's very protective of her babies but I was able to snap this one:
This mama kitty loves her babies:
Then there is this little boy Harvy, he's growing up so fast! 
And don't let me forget to add exactly how mischievous he is:
He's extremely proud when he makes messed or tears things up. He wants to make sure you know he did it and he will pose for photos with his mess! 
We love our animals though and wouldn't trade them for anything... Except better behaving versions maybe. ❤️
am excited for the upcoming month because we are going to WHITE WATER! It's been so long since I've been there I don't even know what to expect! I just know the kids will love it! 

I'm just excited to see what this summer will bring! 

And now it is time for me to go eat a little bit and sleep! It's dang 1:15 am!!! Bye talk. 

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