This heart can't take it...

6/25/2016 03:56:00 AM

Last Friday we got a call from Treys Doctor stating he needed to be seen on Monday by the cardiologist. Rewind to one month ago he went in for a echocardiogram....

We went to the appointment this last Monday and found out there are some issues with his heart... Good lord willing and the creek don't rise he WILL be ok. I have already put it on Gods name so I refuse to believe any different! 
When we got home from Treys appointment I got a message concerning my dad... HE HAD HAD A STROKE! That day was an incredibly hard, trying, emotional horrific day. Everyone is ok and home where they should be for now. I don't think I have ever felt as vulnerable as I did this last Monday, it was literally one thing after another. 

Is it back to school time yet? I need a break and summer isn't even half way over. I miss my mom, I miss entire family in Tn! I am supposed to be there right now but God had other plans. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love my babies at home with me but something has got to give. This isn't the summer I was expecting and nothing like it was last year! 

To top off this last week of festivities my phone took a dump! Yep, if you read my last post you already know. All of my photos, text and some of my beloved apps are GONE. Oh well. It's not that important I guess. Not in the grand scheme of everything else going on! 

Right now I'm just recovering from last week. I've regrouped and I am ready to hit next week like a boss (I hope)! Trey has his MRI on Monday and that will be the tell all... Y'all cross you fingers! 

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