Day 10: Write about something for which you feel strongly.

7/22/2016 12:48:00 AM

The photo says it all. I am an avid believer that children of divorce or split parents have the absolute right to the love of both parents. I believe parental alienation should be looked at and dealt with as child abuse because that is exactly what it is. 
I feel no one but a judge has the absolute right to remove someone out of a child's life. I feel that people that carry out and support this action are the trashiest of those walking the earth. 
There is something very sad and sadistic about a person that thinks it is ok or right to make the choice out of hate, vendetta and jealousy as to who can love a child. 

 I am a victim of parental alienation and I have been since 2010. My ex husband, his new wife and his entire family carry out this horrible act with no regards to the damage they are causing my children. They do not care. They simply care about coming out on top and looking like the good guys.

God don't like ugly... they are ugly and in that I find my peace. The God they claim to follow and love so much will get them good in the end. All I can do is forgive their dark black souls and pray God goes easy on them. 

For more on my story you can check out My Blog To My Alienated Children. This blog is a mish mash of things actually. It is where I post my thoughts to my babies that were stolen from me and where I put things I think other should see and hopefully one day if I am not here to speak my truths to my babies they can read it for themselves. I have saturated the internet with their names, if they google themselves they will find me. I also have ANOTHER BLOG where I post things sent to me that are said by others, screenshots, proof of many lies, videos of the abuse put forth by my ex to me, videos of my children being abused, videos of the hell we lived through, proof others in the family knew the abuse took place, proof of what my ed and the replacement did, proof of EVERYTHING... It will refute anything those monsters have told my babies! That blog is private though, it will go live on my youngest stolen childs 18th birthday. It has alot of damning things and while they absolutely DESERVE to be called out and exposed I choose not to post names on my two live blogs and if something should happen tome before then several people have the information to set it to public. this blog has nothing hidden. EVERYTHING that took place in the dark WILL come to light.

I love you my sweet Ethan and Kaitlyn!

Anyhow, as you can see this is a subject for I have extremely strong feelings. :)

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