Day 4: Write about someone who inspires you

7/13/2016 11:57:00 PM

My mother inspires me. Not the one who raised me but the one who made me. I met her in 2005 and ever since then she has been my mom, mother, mama... whatever you can call it that is what she is. 

In an unfortunate turn of events I no longer speak to or choose to associate with the "woman" that "raised" me. It wasn't until I became a mother did I realize the love of a true mother and that just isn't something the woman who raised me was capable of giving. 

My (birth) mother loves me without ends. 
She does not judge me and does not look down on me for anything in my past. She loves me as a mother and a parent should and even with everything she has been through in life she does it all with a smile. If I turn out to be half the mother and woman my mom is I'll be doing good.

I'm extremely proud of my mom, I'm lucky to have her. ❤️

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