Is it July already?

7/01/2016 10:45:00 PM

Is it ALREADY July? Are we already half way through this year? It's almost Christmas... Holy crud! Wow! This year is flying by and has brought with it some hard things to swallow but all in all it has been awesome. 

We aren't doing much for the 4th of July, going to go to my moms and just have fun with family like we did last year. I can't wait to cook out and have all the yummy food that comes along with it if you want to know what I'm looking forward to! 
I can't wait to get the kids back to the beach, I seriously thought about packing the family up and heading down to Tybee for a much needed get away. My family had a pretty hard week this last week and that would be a fun unwind but then I'd miss the cookout and my mamas house. Such a hard decision when you throw the beach in there as an option. We shall see. 
The other night I ended up in the ER and for what I have absolutely no clue. My neck was hurting so bad I couldn't stand it, it was stiff, I had a fever and my stomach hurt. I swear I was scared they thought I had menengitis or something but after a round of steroids and some extremely powerful pain meds I am ok. My blood pressure though, it's doing whacky things as of lately. I had to be sent to a separate part of the hospital the other night just because of my blood pressure! That's something new and scary to me.

I accidentlly deleted this pic! I will find it and add it back! WHOOPS!

You can kind of see exactly HOW swollen it was from this photo. It was horrible. My fave was swollen as well along with having splotches all over it because of the dang blood pressure issue. Im better from that though so that is a good thing. 

Pretty much that's all that's going on around here. Going to decide where to spend the 4th and then start getting ready for school! ❤️


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