7/18/2016 11:30:00 PM

Has been a pretty rough day. A good friend of mine passed away yesterday and I've just been BLAH today.

I've spent most of this day in my bed, asleep. My kids are spending some time with memaw (my mama) so I'm supposed to be getting my house in order and ready for back to school... that isn't happening at the moment though. 
I also got a email from someone I haven't spoken to in a VERY long time. While I was happy to receive it it was also a bitter moment, I'm trying my best to answer it with my whole heart however. 
School is about to start and with that comes a more laid back day for me. I am anxious to see how my littles do this year because they are so excited about going back to school! Hoping to get the twins into some kind of activity this year that is new to them and they have both mentioned some options so we are looking into those. Madys has been gymnastics and Maddox has been martial arts, we will see how that pans out. 

Here is a photo I took of my friend while in Tybee island. He looked like an angel, now he is one so it was only fitting I give him wings. 

RIP Kevin. 

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