Day 18: 30 facts about yourself

8/06/2016 12:53:00 PM

1. I love my family
2. I'm a closet nerd
3. I love old movies
4. I love photography
5. I would rather have bare feet
6. I sometimes get caught up watching "unboxings" on YouTube
7. I've been known to put myself out for a friend
8. I try to find the best in everyone... even evil people
9. I don't tan. I burn and peel
10. I sing so loud when I'm alone in my car
11. I could eat cupcakes all day everyday
12. I don't like walking into rooms full of people
13. Which means I don't like people that stare
14. I have a loud mouth
15. I hate when people talk during movies but I do it myself
16. I love finding new places to eat
17. Sometimes I just want to ride around in the car even if I have nowhere to go
18. I secretly want to go to disney with no kids
19. Sometimes I sleep too much
20. I will go psycho over my kids
21. I encourage my kids to be and do whatever they dream of
22. I think clubs and bars are stupid
23. But I LOVE to people watch
24. I could dress nice but I choose comfort over style
25. I'll carry a thousand dollar purse wearing Walmart flip flops
26. I want to do bento lunches for my kids because I think it's fun, not because they want them
27. I let my kids watch R movies (no nudity though)
28. I don't really have friends because I don't trust easily and people are fake
29. I can spend hours organizing stuff so it's perfect and still not be happy
30. I love to blog but I end up ignoring them

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