Day 2: 20 facts about me

8/29/2016 04:30:00 AM

Sorry I just noticed I hit save and not publish so this has been hidden!

1. I love my children without end
2. I dye my hair crazy colors
3. I dont have internet at my house
4. I get my nails done every single week
5. I neglect my toenails though
6. I dont really like chocolate
7. I love my animals so much and baby them more than I should
6. Like, I feed my dog ice cream cones... That I buy him... from dairy queen
7. I collect antiques and my house is filling up
8. I love stuff that doesnt match
9. I hate video games
10. I secretly want to go to dragon con
11. Sweet tea is gospel
12. So is Chris Stapleton
13. I love going to the beach but dont ask me to get in it
14. Same with a lake, nope
15. I love being on a boat though
16. I love to cook and I actually want to go to school for it
17.  I'm going back to school now but not for that
18. I really need to buy myself some new sneakers
19. Im getting a new tattoo
20. Im going to dye my hair pink again

So those arent really facts but its my blog and I do what I want!

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