Oh yeah, I moved stuff again!

8/08/2016 10:13:00 PM

So in a previous post somewhere in this blog I talked about how I had things in my kitchen...

(before is on the left- after is on the right)

That hutch is my mother in laws and it has been in her family for AGES, I'm sure if we actually loaded it up to move again it would fall apart. It needs to be refinished in a major way but I want to make sure when I do it retains its originality of the Hoosier grandiose that it is!

If you don' know what a Hoosier is then you just haven't lived.

I like the idea of this shelf more where the hutch was because I am able to actually store my bowls, serving dishes and display my prized possession!

Here is a pano view of the kitchen. Pretty soon there will be new paint and redone cabinets!!!

One more photo of my house for the road... This is my favorite room in it I think!

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