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I know that I am a week behind in my blog challenge and it has taken me damn near 2 months to complete but I am DOING IT none the less!

This last week has been CRAZY.... Not only did I have to wait on a new laptop charger to come from Amazon I also came down with some kind of NASTY ASS eye infection! I thought it was pink eye but no, its some kind of eyelid infection! I ended up going to the doctor yesterday to have it looked at and with the medicine it should clear up in no time.
I decided that this month will be the month for change though. I am going to start doing the Bikini Bod Mommy challenge... It is a 90 day workout regimen that I've started before and never finished! It's not so much to lose weight or eat right but its more or less to tone and get my muscles back feeling good and me active again. However, Ill update on my weight loss journey and stuff like that I guess!

I'm pissed, I accidently just deleted the blog I had wrote back to this point so now I have to start all over... DAMNIT, this new laptop is killing me!

Anyway... We don't get cable or internet here at the house, never have... There isn't even a pole that runs near the house with cable on it to hook to. We have been utilizing ROKU's via our hotspot from the cell phones and that's how we watch HULU and Netflix but we do also have a small TV antenna that brings in some local stations. Today though I signed up for SlingTV, I and the kids are so excited about finally being able to watch some shows we haven't seen since we moved! Me and Maddox are some suckers for Chopped and Madalyn sure does love her some HGTV! Not to mention if you prepay for 3 months you get a FREE ROKU! Yeah, FREE! You should check it out!

The kids are doing AWESOME in school! We haven't had one single issue at all and it is going so smoothly this year! That's a change from years past. I absolutely love the school the kids are in though so that is always a plus.

Oh yeah, I know my hair is always a topic of oooohs and awwwwwes... I dyed it purple, its like a grapey purple with a little magenta. I didn't want to go as pink as I did last time because lets be honest, it was HOT PINK! The kids loved it but I cant stand how it turns me and my entire home pink. I will probably go back and put some blue in it as I grows out, I have had a bad itch to cut my hair lately but I keep ignoring it! It is getting so long!

Last but not least in this little update of mine I should mention that we are taking a mini family vacay this weekend. Not sure where we are going yet but, it will be somewhere. lol
We usually just make a trek down to Tybee and at some point venture over to Hilton Head but this time we hoping to go somewhere we haven't been as a family, somewhere new and fresh with new things to discover! I have been thinking about Myrtle Beach... Its not a definite yet though!

Until next time (which I totes promise will be tomorrow)... C YA

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