Sorry about that

8/24/2016 05:24:00 PM

I missed a few days on my blog challenge... AGAIN!
My family has been in uproar over a sickly loved one and making sure that they are tended to so we have been going crazy.
We also had a small getaway that turned into something longer than we expected. We were able to turn a horrible day into something great for the kids... that's all that maters to me!
Today I got a call from my doctor though, some of my test came back bad so it's off for more testing I go... At least we are finally getting to the root of the problems so I am happy about that! And, my eye infection is gone so I'm estatic for that!!
Kids are back to school and doing good, they havent had any issues at all this year so for that I am a super proud mama!

Until tomorrow....

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