Day 15: Timeline of my day

9/11/2016 10:42:00 PM

Today was pretty event-less honestly!

Well, I lie... it is my oldest boys 20th birthday but I did not get to see him. He now lives in Tn and I am OK with that, at some point the babies must fly the coop and go be adults. Wait, I'm lying... I hate it. I want him home, here... FOREVER! I.m so proud of him though, hes come a LONG way in a little under a year and while Id love to have him home its is such a proud moment to see him out there living on his own and making money on his own! Hes a grown up now but I will always be his mommy!

Today I woke up kind of late-ish, I've been under the weather and Trey had to work ALL-DAY with a friend so I was lazy. When Trey got home his mom took the kids to go see some family and we went to Walmart to get some things we needed (we also went ahead and nailed down some Christmas gifts)!

Oh yeah, Trey brought me some cake and flowers when he got off work! I love him so!

I got to see one of my "besties" at the Walmart so that made me happy! She lives in Alabama now and we don't get to see each other nearly as much as we used to so it was REALLY nice to run into her and get to see her babies!

Ummm, Came home and the kids were home so we cleaned up their rooms... Let me tell you, it is AMAZING how much of a mess a kid can make in a week! After that Trey made dinner (lasagna) then we fed and bathed the kids. We had to make an emergency late night run to the bank and Walmart and then it was bed time. I did squeeze in a few episodes of Private Practice... I never knew there was a Grey's spin off so I'm enjoying that show.

And that's it. That was my day!

(for some reason this post again hung itself in draft mode instead of publishing)

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