Workout. Day 2

9/09/2016 03:04:00 PM

So, today I actually felt the burn. I am pretty active but, I don't usually do exercises like I've done for the last two days. It isn't bad but whereas yesterday I just did them without feeling it I sure do today!

Today I did:
35 jumping jacks
15 crunches
5 lunges each side
10 squats
15 second full plank (I had to stop because my leg hurt, bad)

The only thing I ate yesterday was a CFA sandwich and fries and some spaghetti and meatballs for dinner (extremely small portion due to the fact I don't feel very good)... I drank tons of water also!

At first I was thinking that jumping jacks wouldn't do shit but I read up on it and they work a ton of muscle groups at once so that is why I decided to start with them. I totally understand I have to work p to a big long work out and I am completely fine with that!

What I ate today: ChiFilA wrap with avocado lime ranch, fries and a sweet tea. I missed breakfast and I probably won't eat dinner because I feel sickly.
Add to that a small mango pineapple smoothie and 3 chicken tenders from popeyes with red beans and rice.

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