Redo.... And an update? I guess.

9/08/2016 11:53:00 PM

I am so mad about my email ordeal... Google is claiming nothing can be done but they are "trying a few more outlets."I went ahead and made a new blog to replace the main one I lost (the one for my babies) and reconnecting all of my social accounts and tv accounts to another email.... I can't believe I didn't even pay attention to which one I was deleting, I guess I got so wrapped up in hitting the same buttons I didn't even realize what I did! Oh well. Like I said it gave me a chance to change some names, use some new ideas and make a fresh start... If I could figure out how to import an XML file I could import all my post. Oh well, it's done.

Anyways, it's September already! That's hard to believe! Hard to believe my oldest baby moved out almost one year ago to pursue being an adult and now today he messaged me to let me know he's gotten a promotion and will be making more at his job! I am so so proud of him! But yes, in a few short days he will be 20! TWENTY! I still don't feel old enough to have a child that old! It's kind of strange actually.

My 16 year old is back in school and doing AMAZING! She makes me so happy! I MEAN SO HAPPY! I mean, not only is she absolutely beautiful she is doing so well! I'm super proud of these fact that if she stays on the right track she will graduate at the end of this year! I can't imagine feeling as young as I do and having two kids NOT in school and living on the "adult world!"

My 15 year old "baby boy" just got his learners... I can't even! I still look at him and see my baby boy! He too is doing awesome in school so I guess when it comes to my older kids I couldn't ask for better!

I just realized I started doing a "Friday Five" on this blog and never followed through... I will have to get on that and keep up with it!

OH MY GAWD YALL... The new iPhone 7 can be ordered in like 20 minutes! I think I am going to get the 7Plus, I've had the regular 6s for so long and I think I may want a bigger screen... I will probably regret that choice but, I'll just steal my husbands phone if so because he's getting a regular one!
We are going to pass our phones to the twins. I'm not sure I am ready for that because we'll, they are only (almost) TEN! I didn't even have a house phone in my room at that age and I'm about to hand my kids a cell phone... Times they are a changing people.

Soccer. That's what Maddox has finally settled on. We tried and put thought into every other sport you could imagine but Soccer won out. I think I'm going to start teaching him the fundamentals of the game so he can jump right in and play, I'm excited and I know he is too!

Anyways, I think that's about it for me for now... I'm missing my husband right about now and I'm bored so I guess I'm going to go watch some 📺! Until next time!

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