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9/21/2016 04:25:00 PM

So... I am just going to copy all of this from various updates on my Facebook.

Sunday was my birthday, and it was AWESOME!!! Trey took me to Grindhouse Burgers in Atlanta (best burger in Atl BTW).

Anyways. (Click Read more to continue...)

Later on the night of my birthday I started to feel some pain in my mouth, I discovered I had cracked a tooth and within the crack was a SERIOUS cavity along with a now exposed nerve. I tried everything, numbing gels, clove oil, vanilla extract (it surprisingly DID WORK) and finally I couldn't deal with the pain anymore and ended up in the ER. After being pumped FULL of pain meds and some other stuff my pain was gone so I opted to go him from the hospital which ended up being a HUGE mistake (here is where I'll copy an update from FB because I dont want to rewrite it).

From Facebook:

For my friends that don't know... 

I've been in the hospital for the better half of two days! Why? Well, on my birthday 9-17 I started to feel some pain in a tooth and later realized it has cracked completely in half leaving only 1/4 of the tooth behind. Much to my dismay there was a hidden cavity in my tooth that I never felt or knew about until this happened. When the top of the tooth went it exposed a nerve which caused immense pain but, I was able to soothe that with the help of clove oil, numbing gel and vanilla extract (yes, it worked)! Fast forward to the night of my birthday and I started to have issues breathing and along with that came pain... I took some medicine I had at my house and laid down. It didn't help, I was right back up and on 9-18 I ended up in the hospital due to uncontrollable pain, shortness of breath and over all being scared an infection had set in. When I got to the hospital my BP was 220/118 and that is not only out of the normal range for anyone but extremely high for me as I generally carry a dangerously low BP. I also had a fever but, after a slew of test and more opiates than my body could handle I asked to please go home. I felt better honestly and I wanted to go sleep in my bed. Bad choice. 

I woke up yesterday morning 9-19 with a HORRIBLE headache, fever and sick feeling. Nothing made it stop. I couldn't stop pacing the floors screaming in pain and finally I collapsed in my hallway with what appeared to be a seizure. Trey was able to get me up and I tried to go to the bathroom but didn't make it, I (violently) sprayed puke all over the hallway and bathroom as Trey called 911. After throwing up I don't remember very much, I know I tried to make it out to my car (and did) so that I could sit in the AC and wait for the EMT's to arrive. I was delirious from fever, pain, high BP having thrown up and just generally felt like crap. 
Once in the ambulance they took my BP and again, it was dangerously high. 
After many more test it was determined I have some kind of bacterial infection AND high blood pressure (duh). I'm now on medicine for that and it doesn't agree with me at all. Nor does the morphine, clindamyacin and reglan I am having to take.

It was a scary weekend with a even scarier morning yesterday morning. 

I will have to have this tooth surgically removed (I'm NOT looking forward to that) and hopefully this infection will go away and leave me alone.
If I haven't answered your calls, text or emails that is why. I know a few of you thought I was ignoring you and that's not the case. If it says I'm "active" that's not always the case ether... Sometimes it says that and I'm not. I will get around to everyone, I promise but as of right now I'm dealing with pain management and trying to keep things down! ❤️

THEN last night this happens to my car:

I don't even know how and I don't even care to know how at this point. Its being fixed so that's all that matters.

This is my latest update from FB:

In other news.
My Mouth- My tooth is still in immense pain, nothing is helping. I am still on my antibiotics and they seem to be warding off the infection best they can. I go on Friday (if I'm not in the hospital) to have this sucker pulled... That is if they can get to it! There isn't much left of the tooth since it broke so I'm not sure it will be a simple extraction like they are oping, I am almost positive they will have to surgically remove this tooth. I don't care at this point, if I had pliers Id do it my damn self because hey, it cant hurt much worse than it does at the moment.
My Car- It was taken to the shop today and the estimate completed. They say it should only take around 5 days to complete the work so, I'm hoping that is correct.
That is all for now.

I will be back sometime soon and back to normal blogging. I don't know when but, it will be when all of this settles. This tooth thing is putting a huge burden on me with my already bad health. I will also get back to my workouts when I am not sick like this, its hard to do anything like that while you're in hellish pain!

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