Parental Alienation

Something old

11/16/2016 05:45:00 PM

That's my old journal. It depicts events that led up to being falsely accused of abuse by my ex husband. This journal was kept private until recently when I found it and made it public. It saddens me to know I didn't do all I should have to protect my children. In time I hope they heal from all the damage that monsterous family has bestowed on them!

To look back on those events now makes me forever greatful that not only am I still alive to tell my story it I am a stronger person for having lived through it.


The Twins Are TEN!

11/12/2016 11:44:00 PM

I am late making this post but, can you believe the babies are 10?!? I think they will forever be known as the babies as that is what we STILL call them to this day!

They are bright, loving, fun, playful, smart and all around good kids.

Maddox is very much like his dad down to his looks. He acts like him, has his demeanor and literally says the same exact things he does. He gives me the same looks his dad gives me... Its just so weird to me to have an exact copy! I often joke around with their dad that he is a 35 year old trey wrapped in a 10 year olds body! He loves Minecraft, his xbox, Tink the cat and his Nani.

Madalyn is like my oldest daughter Sarah. Almost a carbon copy of both her mama and Sarah... She takes no crap and is such a strong little person! She loves her Nani, dog Harvey, Minecraft too and art is her absolute favorite! She is very strong willed and such the opposite of her twin! She knows her place in the family and she makes it very well known!

I can not believe that ten years has flown by like it has and although times havent always been easy for us we have always remained happy! I can not wait to see what the next ten years brings these amazing little souls and I am so happy that God chose me to be their mama and spend life with them!


I'm still here...

11/12/2016 11:19:00 PM

I haven't been blogging much at all on any blog but I am still around. Lots of life changes going on. Some good some bad but all taken in, dealt with and eventually loved. :)

Maddox has been kicking but and taking names at school! He got studennt of the month AND won the literacy contest in his class and then 2nd place for the entire school!

He came home the first day he had his poem and was scared that he wouldn't be able to memorize it much less stand in front of not only his class but his entire school and recite it totally from memory.... BUT, he did and I could not be more proud of him for conquering that fear! Yep, that's my precious baby boy!

I will add that we ABSOLUTELY LOVE the teacher he has this year and we owe so much credit to her for all of the work she has done with him! He sure does love her!

On to student of the month!
Maddox got this award last year and then again this year! He won due to his compassion towards others and his willingness to be such a helpful student! Maddox is willing to put himself and friends aside to make sure all of the students in his class are treated fairly and appropriate.
His teacher made sure to tell me how he takes special time with a student that is confined to a wheel chair due to a bone disease. I can not even begin to tell you how proud that made me as his mom to know that he has such compassion like that for others! I guess I did something good in raising him! lol

Just kidding, this kid is amazing and it is showing more and more in everything he does!

All of the other kids are doing really well in school also! My oldest, Jacob is still working his job and living life and I am so very proud of him! Its very rare I get to talk to him anymore because he is always busy but I did get a Facetime on Halloween and I was SO HAPPY to see him! <3 I miss that boy!

Lately, I haven't felt very well and that is partly because of my tooth! YES!!!! I'm still having a dental issue as I am waiting for my stupid insurance to approve everything I have to have done. I could pay out of pocket and I have considered it but I hate to do so knowing insurance will cover it all. So, I just continue to wait until I get the call to go in and have it fixed.

Just LOOK at that bad boy over there ~~~>
It is horrible... I never knew you could have a cavity and not even know it... That sucker was hiding deep within and by the time I knew it half of my tooth broke off! I cant wait to have this thing taken out and a implant put in... I just have to keep waiting, and waiting and waiting and... You get it! I think the hardest thing for me is getting comfortable at night and staying that way!

I've also been addicted to documentaries on Netflix lately... Today I watched "Soaked In Bleach" and let me tell you it was quite a watch! If you happen to be a Nirvana fan I definitely suggest you watch that! Now I am currently watching some kind of Royal Family one. I am just going through the list watching each one... I tell you, there is some interesting things on Netflox if you actually search around!

I also really need to get back to working out... HAHA! I stopped because I got sick and never really started again. I know, I know... Its whatever though. I will eventually get back into a good routine and stop eating out so much! Yes, I've been doing that too. A LOT!

Fall is upon us and I am so excited! It is FINALLY cold! I mean it was like super hot on Halloween and I don't even know what is up with that! I put my fall banner out at the house for the kids and they love it... I have been trying to decorate with one for each season and found this pretty one at none other than WALMART! I already bought my Christmas ones too and I cant wait for those!

Speaking of being festive... The kids always beg to take their lunches and I don't usually do them because they also will eat school lunch even if I pack one for them (yeah, I don't get it either) but, I did this for Halloween!
I tried to do the little hot dogs that looked like men but it didn't turn out too well! The men's legs were falling off and their heads wouldn't stay attached so this was the next best thing! They loved it so it was a win!

Anyways, now I am adjusting to life and getting ready for the Holidays! I am so excited for this year but have yet to make plans about where everything will be done and how we will split up our time between all of the family! Our hearts are full my friends! <3

Until next time, happy November.


And... Just like that it's November!

11/01/2016 01:45:00 PM

Wow! this year has flown by, seriously! I love this time of year but I can't believe that Christmas will be here in like 8 WEEKS!

Halloween was good to us. We had a lot of fun and took part in festivities over the span of 4 days... The kids absolutely loved it! Now it's time to buckle down and decide what we are doing for Thankgiving and onward to Christmas... I am most excited about the food that comes along with these holidays, I love love love baking and making things with my babies. ❤️

Looking forward to Christmas I can say I am NOT looking forward to getting out in the garage and digging stuff out so the kids will have it, it is spread all over that garage. Lol
We might be going to my mothers house again this Christmas but I'm not sure as of yet. I would love to but I just don't know if is in the cards for us.

We have decided on a new church home though.... So, that in itself is super exciting! The kids are real excited to get started in a new place!

Other than that that's about it for an update. I would add Halloween photos but I'm on my phone and I just don't feel like getting my laptop out right now! So, those will come later perhaps!

I hope everyone has an amazing month of thanks this november.

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