Christmas 2016

12/29/2016 12:54:00 PM

Christmas 2016 has come and gone and we are now moving in on the new year.

This Christmas was pretty eventful but, it was awesome all on the same. I ended up having to make an impromptu trip on Christmas Day that landed me in my car the ENTIRE day but, it was so very worth it. A holiday wouldn't be a holiday in my family without someone riding in an ambulance and this year I got that honor! I woke up from a dead sleep with a nosebleed and a headache and it all just spiraled from there. I have to have some follow ups for that because my head still hurts like nobody's business.

We are at my mamas again this year. It has became somewhat of a tradition to spend every holiday we can here. I seriously can not wait until the time comes to move here! Shouldn't be that much longer. 

Oh yes. I had quite the run in at a local gas station on Christmas night. Still so amazed that such trashy people roam the planet. Lol 

I made a little collage on Christmas Day of the twins to show them through the years. It will turned out cute. 

All the babies are growing like weeds and doing so well.  

I'm super super sick, swollen and a slight shade of green but here is a cute photo of me with my girls (only missing Kaitlyn)! Love these sweethearts! ❤


All in all we had a good Christmas, eventful days to follow and are looking forward to the new year! 

Crazy Ex

At this point

12/29/2016 12:29:00 PM

Stalking and obsessed is an understatement.

What is it?
Why can't you go on about your life? You literally are obsessed with me and my life. 
I really feel sorry for you (ex husband) your life must be so pitiful. 

Ethan Jolly

Merry Christmas my loves

12/25/2016 09:25:00 AM

#ParentalAlienation is very real and it is carried out by abusive cowards not just during the holiday season as a tactic to further vilify and victimize the alienated parent but all year long too. I am and have been the victim of not only PA but #DomesticAbuseByProxy and #MaternalDeprivation for years. My ex husband was a lying abusive violent shell of a man that once the relationship ended and he could no longer physically abuse me chose to keep my children from me. My children have suffered their entire childhood and will have lifetime results they will have to deal with due to this monstrous injustice that has taken place against them. Most often people don't think when they make choices concerning their children, they use children as weapons while not realizing one day their ammo will in fact run out.
Don't be a jerk, learn to coparent and do what is best for your child/children... not yourself. If you're a step parent, sit down and let the REAL parents of the child/children parent their child. Children deserve the love of both parents and no one has the right to play judge or God in a child's life.

In the end nothing justifies or minimalizes the removal of a loving and able parent from a child's life.
That IS child abuse.

Ethan and Kaitlyn Jolly, I have LOVED you since you took your very first breath and I will love you far beyond taking my last. You are in our hearts, souls and thoughts not just on Christmas but every single day of the year. This is the 7th year those devils have stolen from us but it won't be long now, our time to rejoice and love without fear is coming. We (your family they have tried their best to erase) have hopes and dreams for you and for the days we are allowed to love and be a family without the hatred and jealousy that family bestows.
My holiday wishes for you are that you know you are loved and wanted more than anything.
Today I wish you joy and happiness.

I love you and Merry Christmas.

Your (only) mom.


So this is Christmas...

12/25/2016 06:49:00 AM

This year has actually gone pretty smoothly, when it comes to Christmas that is!

We have been at my mamas since the day before Christmas Eve and getting here was a journey in itself... It never fails that something will inevitably go wrong when traveling!
The kids are enjoying themselves at Memaw and Pa's house and have genuinely been having a good time!
I just did finish setting out all of the presents for Santa for the ones that still believe, it's bitter sweet to know that this is probably the last year that the twins will believe. Still so hard to believe they are TEN YEARS OLD! I would share some photos of the tree and santa set up but I'm posting this from my phone while I patiently wait for all the babies to wake up. I think I am more excited than they are? Just maybe.

I'm pretty dang excited for the new year also! So many good things in store for this upcoming year.

I hope everyone out there in blog land or who reads this blog has a very merry Christmas! 🎄🎁🎅🏻

Crazy Ex

Seriously, do you not have a life?

12/23/2016 12:17:00 PM

You guys claim I am trying to live through you yet the only person stalking anyone is the two of you!!!

What is it you want to see or know? Just drop me a comment and I'll post accordingly ok? I hate that the two of you are wasting all your free time at night stalking me... At least you have found something you both love, me!

This is you, my ex husband.... Trolling my blog ALL. NIGHT. LONG. So what gives? Are you surprised that I really did save things and can prove you're a lying psycho stalking crazed lunatic?

I'll say this one more time... If it isn't about my children you do not know how to take care of please cease this behavior towards me. I know that you are probably upset that I'm not sitting around crying my eyes about you and that I am actually thriving and living (better than you). Those are demons you need to deal with, you wont get anywhere in life dwelling on mine and wishing things were different. :)

If you'd like to end all of this you are more than welcome to contact me about visitation, mediation or anything else that you would think will make reunification of myself and my children easier... Because whether you want it or not it is about to happen, your time is running out at being able to manipulate the situation to fir your lies.

Prayers to you and yours.


It's so cold... I can't even.

12/10/2016 08:01:00 PM

So. I get a call that one of the trucks broke down on the side of the road and is either out of gas or the battery. No big deal right? Wrong.

It's now almost 8pm and I'm still out in bumbleton dealing with this crap! The IdealLease people won't be here for like 3 more hours and it's FREEZING! 
Why o why and I such a nice person that I offered to come! 😂

As you can see. This is the hilarity of trying to jump a huge ass box truck off of a car! It doesn't work! 

And it's freezing and I'm out here dressed like this! 

But yeah. I just went and got me some chicken tenders and fries and now it's time to go eat and watch a movie! 😂😩🙄

Finally got off the side of the road at around 11ish. I was frozen and so tired!!! Oh, it WAS the gas. It ran out of gas and because someone tried to start it over and over again it killed the battery and ran the gas out of the line. Truck had to be charged and the lines needed to be primed.

Crazy Ex

The crazies just wont quit...

12/10/2016 05:54:00 PM

EDIT: Sonce I posted this they have done nothing but continue to stalk NON STOP. Y'all, they need prayers. Let us bow heads. What do the both of you want? Why won't you go away?
See? Literally ALL. DAY. LONG. 

The ex husbands wife has visited my blog on stop for years... here is just the last 4 months.

The ex husband saved my blogs to his work computer (photos below video) then backed them up to a hard drive at his house. 

This is where he was stalking me via his work computer. Notice the dates on the screen shot below? This was from an email that was sent to various people at his former place of employment when they questioned me about him stalking me via his work computer.  

What is sad is that instead of stalking me, attacking me on Facebook claiming I'm trying to hack their Facebook and "live vicariously through them" they could be putting the wasted time into bettering themselves for the kids involved. They could be working out a parenting plan to better benefit the children they have destroyed. They could be being better adults, parents and all around humans. Instead, they cant overcome the jealousy in order to grow up and maintain any kind healthy productive life, the poor things live in a fantasy world where they are amazing and anyone they don't like has wronged them/stalks them/is crazy/wants to be them or whatever. But my question is why? WHY are you coming to my blogs almost every damn day (both of you)? It makes no sense. I should be the one going to your pages everyday, I should be trying to keep tabs on you but Im not. I have nothing to do with either one of you, you refuse to be mature adults and let me see my children so my life and the things in it should be of absolutely none of your concern... But yet here the both of you are EACH DAY looking at my blog, stealing my photos, downloading my things and just being all around creeps... But claiming Im stalking you. Seems to me the only people trying to live vicariously through someone else would be the two of you? He must forget I was married to him, I know how he operates. I KNOW his motives. LMAO Yes, my ex husband attacked me on Facebook trying to claim that I was trying to hack his Facebook because I'm stalking him and don't have a job. Funny thing is neither one of those statements are true... And even if I didn't have a job I'm driving a BRAND NEWER than his cars paid off vehicle and my bills are paid on time, so whatever... OH! He also made mention that I'm not able to handle children, jobs or life. Yes... Let me see. I take care of my kids, I don't leave them at my moms to rot while I play house with ANOTHER child that isn't mine then bring another child into the world before I can or will take care of the ones I stole from their mom. I have a job? I'm not sure why the imbecile continues to scream that but, whatever. And.. My life is just great, awesome actually. Only thing missing are the two babies he stole out of hatred, jealousy and lack of being able to admit what he did. Thanks for your assumptions though? At the end of the day you're BOTH not doing anything but truly showing your own colors. Such trash.

UPDATE!!! Hours after this was posted here she comes again! PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE CRAZY GIRL! I don't know what your obsession is but you need serious help!

Crazy Ex

But I stalk y'all. 😂😂😂

12/10/2016 01:38:00 PM

Since you obviously have this page bookmarked, Ill give you a special shout out to you...
you no chinned, small dick, beaver toothed grass painting bitch!

BTW: I don't have to hack your FB's your family does a pretty good job of giving me photos and post you make about me without that. LMFAO
ALSO, I do have a job you idiot fuck. I wish you knew as much as you think you do, youre nothing but a sad little boy trapped in an ugly ass mans body. You have low self esteem so you must attack others to make yourself feel better! I know Im nothing of what you say I am and I know you only continue to attack me because 1. You can not have me 2. You are jealous so, attack away. Loser!

I'm flattered after all these years you are still so in love and obsessed with me... I'd hate me too, you thought I wouldn't be shit without you and look at me living better than you and your dog.

Crazy Ex

Just a note:

12/09/2016 09:19:00 PM

Before you call me names, take a look in the mirror. Psycho. :)

Him: I completely and totally understand that you alienate me because you know what you did was wrong and abusive and that because of your personal/social downfalls and need to be superior you cant have the truth coming to light. I understand you hate me because my life is better than what you wanted it to be and I forgive you for calling me unwarranted names because you are simply threatened by my existence and the truths that I tell. You can lie to whoever you want, tell the world you did nothing and I am crazy. When our children are old enough and come to me I WILL SHOW THEM everything I have. I have vidoes of you physically beating, making threats to kill me, photos of you and so many other things... What are those kids going to think when they realzie you stole their childhood out of hatred and the need to cover up what YOU did?

Her: I don't forgive you for anything, you are an insane obsessive stalking lying psycho that put herself into a position she had absolutely no business being in. MY children are mine, not yours and they NEVER will be yours.  You are NOT their step mother simply because you do not mother them, I don't understand why you don't comprehend that. You do not know me you never did, you speak in hate towards me because of things you have been told that you did not see or hear with your own ears... You go on and on about how I cheated and this and that... YOU DID TOO! That's how my ex husband and I met you, you were cheating on is friend with multiple people so your statements about what you THINK I did or what you were TOLD are not valid... Sorry, next! LMAO You too soon forget your downfalls because you're too busy pointing your nasty shit covered fingers at me!
You are trash, you were born trash and you will never overcome that. 

It is incredibly sad that the two of you have single handedly ruined the adult lives of two children that didn't ask for any of this. I hope that God you claim to follow has serious mercy on your lying souls... Sadly, I don't think you'll ever make it to his gates, people that do things like the both of you have go straight to hell. :)

Merry Christmas bitches, Ill be sure to update my blog with all of the wonderful things I receive and do. I understand that if it wasn't for MY LIFE the two of you would have nothing to aspire to be. And you nitwits say I want to live vicariously through you... Yeah. NO! 


Dentist update

12/08/2016 04:18:00 AM

Maddox and Madalyn did awesome at their appointment. Only issue we had at all was Maddox getting a tad upset when they administered the shot to numb. He was able to calm down though and everything turned out great!

In the end Maddox had to have two baby teeth extracted because they were refusing to vacate on their own and Madalyn had to have two fillings on one tooth. Madalyn's fillings were on a baby tooth but since it won't come out for a while I didn't want it to progress anymore. 
Finally we have Maddox back where he needs to be in the dental department, poor kid has had such a rough year alone with his teeth. 

I'm well aware

12/07/2016 08:55:00 AM

That some of my photos are not loading. I'm not sure why this is and I will try to fix it soon. 😬

UPDATE: I figured out the issue and fixed it, they are back!


What's going on in my world?!?

12/07/2016 08:54:00 AM

Today is the day Maddox get evenn more dental work and Mady has a small issue fixed. My poor poor Maddox boy has been through so much this year dental wise so I know that even though he's not liking the aspect of what's being done today he will be happy to have it done and over with.

Speaking of dental issues I still have yet to have the surgery I need... Each time it's time I am either sick or unable to make he appointment. Ugh

My brother is currently in the motions to come home from Japan for a funeral... For those of you reading that don't know he is a marine stationed in Japan. So I am praying he has safe travels! 

I've been finding new shows to watch on TV lately and I came across "This Is Us." I gotta tell you, if you haven't seen this show you have to check it out! I love it! 

Im getting a new car. I know I change them often but... It's what I do. I'm not even sure what kind yet as I'm just looking now, I actually almost got a Dodge truck the other day but decided to make a more productive and informed choice in vehicles. Don't want to be wasting so much gas for not that much more room. I'm seriously considering a Murano or a Tahoe... who knows, I'll probably end up with another sports car. 😂

I can't wait for Christmas... I am so beyond excited!!! We got our tree up and this year I did the snowman theme like I showed in an earlier post.... I like it, I just wish my tree was a bit bigger? Like I forgot it was so small because we threw out all our old ones last year and got that one on short notice because we don't spend Christmas at the house, we go to my moms. But, it will work... Im thinking real tree next year! Maybe. Lol I don't like dealing with the pine needles.

I am anxious about Christmas but I am super excited about the upcoming new year and all it holds for me and mine! ❤️


Happy Birthday 14th Ethan

12/05/2016 05:34:00 AM

Ethan, my sweet boy... One day we will be together on your birthday, one day you will know how much I love you because I will be able to show you. One day you will be free of the monsters that chain you down and lie to you, one day you will be allowed to love freely without fear of abuse from your alienators. One day you will know how much being without you hurts, one day your brothers and sisters will be able to wish you a happy birthday. One day God will right all of these wrongs baby. I love you, I love you with every breath I breathe and every step I take. NO ONE can ever take you from my heart and that is where I carry you. 
You are 14 and they have stolen SO MUCH from us without reason ot right. I hope you know how much you are loved, it is beyond measure my sweet boy!
We all love you, happy birthday!#EthanJolly #EthanScottJolly #parentalalienation #pas #parentalalienationischildabuse #parentalalienationawareness #parentalalienationsyndrome #maternalalienation #maternaldeprivation #domesticviolencebyproxy #ErasedMom #ErasedParent


Oh my goodness... ITS DECEMBER!

12/01/2016 03:23:00 AM

So, I just realized it's December and that means that 2016 is coming to an end. Can you even believe that? Time seems to be flying by here lately so it just needs to slow itself right on down!

Anyways. We spent Thanksgiving up at my moms so I really didn't get a load of pics at all, that's ok though because time was well spent with family and away from cell service. Sometimes I do go crazy at my moms though without service... I avtuallly just offered to have cable internet installed at her house and she agreed so YAY for that! I did the Black Friday shopping and got some pretty good deals, I am for the most part totally done with Christmas shopping! This year will probably be the last year hat the Twinkies believe so I am enjoying every moment of it! ❤️

I did a little decorating last night and so far I have the tree

Which this year is snowman themed! We won't be spending Christmas at this house so I'm not trying to go entirely overboard!

I put up my seasonal mantel banner and I really like it (Target).

I have A LOT going on right now but all in all life is awesome for me and mine! I haven't been able to be exercising BUT, I'm looking ok and actually losing weight by just eating properly! This was the other day, I'm happy with where I am! My doctor says I'm HEALTHY so to me that is a huge step forward for me! 

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