But I stalk y'all. 😂😂😂

12/10/2016 01:38:00 PM

Since you obviously have this page bookmarked, Ill give you a special shout out to you...
you no chinned, small dick, beaver toothed grass painting bitch!

BTW: I don't have to hack your FB's your family does a pretty good job of giving me photos and post you make about me without that. LMFAO
ALSO, I do have a job you idiot fuck. I wish you knew as much as you think you do, youre nothing but a sad little boy trapped in an ugly ass mans body. You have low self esteem so you must attack others to make yourself feel better! I know Im nothing of what you say I am and I know you only continue to attack me because 1. You can not have me 2. You are jealous so, attack away. Loser!

I'm flattered after all these years you are still so in love and obsessed with me... I'd hate me too, you thought I wouldn't be shit without you and look at me living better than you and your dog.

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