Christmas 2016

12/29/2016 12:54:00 PM

Christmas 2016 has come and gone and we are now moving in on the new year.

This Christmas was pretty eventful but, it was awesome all on the same. I ended up having to make an impromptu trip on Christmas Day that landed me in my car the ENTIRE day but, it was so very worth it. A holiday wouldn't be a holiday in my family without someone riding in an ambulance and this year I got that honor! I woke up from a dead sleep with a nosebleed and a headache and it all just spiraled from there. I have to have some follow ups for that because my head still hurts like nobody's business.

We are at my mamas again this year. It has became somewhat of a tradition to spend every holiday we can here. I seriously can not wait until the time comes to move here! Shouldn't be that much longer. 

Oh yes. I had quite the run in at a local gas station on Christmas night. Still so amazed that such trashy people roam the planet. Lol 

I made a little collage on Christmas Day of the twins to show them through the years. It will turned out cute. 

All the babies are growing like weeds and doing so well.  

I'm super super sick, swollen and a slight shade of green but here is a cute photo of me with my girls (only missing Kaitlyn)! Love these sweethearts! ❤


All in all we had a good Christmas, eventful days to follow and are looking forward to the new year! 

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