It's so cold... I can't even.

12/10/2016 08:01:00 PM

So. I get a call that one of the trucks broke down on the side of the road and is either out of gas or the battery. No big deal right? Wrong.

It's now almost 8pm and I'm still out in bumbleton dealing with this crap! The IdealLease people won't be here for like 3 more hours and it's FREEZING! 
Why o why and I such a nice person that I offered to come! 😂

As you can see. This is the hilarity of trying to jump a huge ass box truck off of a car! It doesn't work! 

And it's freezing and I'm out here dressed like this! 

But yeah. I just went and got me some chicken tenders and fries and now it's time to go eat and watch a movie! 😂😩🙄

Finally got off the side of the road at around 11ish. I was frozen and so tired!!! Oh, it WAS the gas. It ran out of gas and because someone tried to start it over and over again it killed the battery and ran the gas out of the line. Truck had to be charged and the lines needed to be primed.

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